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Chas. H. Marsh

Short Name: Chas. H. Marsh
Full Name: Marsh, Chas. H. (Charles Howard), 1885-1956
Birth Year: 1885
Death Year: 1956

Born: April 8, 1886, Magnolia, Iowa.
Died: April 12, 1956, La Jolla, California.
Buried: Riverview Cemetery, Brawley, California.

Marsh’s father was pastor of the Congregational Church in Magnolia, Iowa. His gift for the piano was evident at an early age, and after he graduated from high school, Wilbur Chapman asked him to play for the Winona Lake Chautauqua and Bible Conference in Indiana. He later taught at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles (1915-19) and the University of Redlands (1919-26). He studied music in France in the 1920’s, and became president of the European School of Music and Art in Fort Wayne, Indiana. From 1928 to 1932, he played the organ at the First Presbyterian Church. In 1932, he moved to Florida to become professor of organ at the University of Florida, Gainesville, and to serve as organist and choir director at the First Baptist Church. In 1935, he moved to California, where he worked as district supervisor for the Federal Music Project in San Diego until 1939. He also played the organ and directed the choir at St. James-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in La Jolla (1936-56).

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Tunes by Chas. H. Marsh (47)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[A form at the threshold, a stranger behold]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)253712 12316 5
[A little while! so quickly flee earth's shadows]C. H. Marsh (Composer)232354 43633 2
[Again we hail the Sabbath day]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)251235 43215 61121
[Are we to go where Jesus leads]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)356715 54356 71554
[Are you counted in on the Master's side]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)432111 71266 765
[Bear the cross for Jesus, bear it day by day]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)3
[Burlado y sujeto al oprobio fué El]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)253333 33326 23444
[One day when heaven was filled with His praises] (Marsh)Charles H. Marsh (Composer)9853456 71765 34234
[Christ is calling for His soldiers] (Marsh)Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)255355 43555 35543
[Jesus may come today] (Marsh)Charles H. Marsh (Composer)8256512 35253 45632
[Driving the foe before us, we are pressing on]Charles Howard Marsh (Composer)856755 17121 11326
[Every day I trust Thee more] (Marsh)C. H. Marsh (Composer)233335 43111 12343
[For love of me, He left a throne]Charles Howard Marsh (Composer)353326 52344 32117
[Go forward, Christian soldier] (Marsh)Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)251117 67335 11253
[Guide me, O Lord, through wind and tide]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)256765 67656
[In our Master's footsteps going]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)255653 21233 51
[It is not mine, to run with eager feet]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[Jesus calls the children dear]C. H. Marsh (Composer)234554 65176 65766
[Jesús el Maestro nos llama]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)235432 34355 65614
[Jesus, I want to be holy]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)232341 23544 43432
[Jesus only, when the morning] (Marsh)C. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[Jesus was standing beside a grave]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)1033344 71334 33344
[Just to be loving, just to be strong] (Marsh)Charles H. Marsh (Composer)233332 55432 233
[Let the sunshine of joy get into your life]C. H. Marsh (Composer)334536 51231 43
[Living He loved me]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)432131 32131 32131
[Lord, I read on rock formations]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)315635 44323 42172
[Marching on in blessed gospel light]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[Mine the cross and Thine the glory] (Marsh)Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)332431 57623 4
[Nearer, Lord, our souls would be]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)233234 23654 3265
[Not mine the strength, O blessed Lord]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)251765 36543 56671
[O how deep is the love of my Savior for me]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)234545 32176 5
[O the friends that now are waiting]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)1233333 34444 44443
[O the glory that the Savior]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[On comrades on! the order still is ringing]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)2
[Poor and despised, he came seeking for me]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)631232 32321 53123
SAN DIEGOCharles Howard Marsh (Composer)655521 23111 21753
[Savior, but for love like Thine]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)233214 54321 2355
[Send the news over all the earth] (Marsh)Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)455123 45443 23255
[Somewhere there’s a soul that is lonely]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)253712 1615
[Somos aliados de las huestes de Jesús] (Marsh)Charles H. Marsh (Composer)456711 17123 65321
[The burden of my doubts and fears]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)255132 16551 35334
[The prince of night is marshalling his forces]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)251765 44253 1
[Through the heat of the day as I toil on my way]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)311717 65347 64234
[To thee we cling, O Christ divine]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)2
[When misfortune overtakes me, and my weary soul is tried]Chas. H. Marsh (Composer)334551 23335 5
[Will I be remembered when my work is done?]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)3
[You serve but one Master]Charles H. Marsh (Composer)433432 51432 2135

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