H. H. Martin

Short Name: H. H. Martin
Full Name: Martin, H. H.
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Texts by H. H. Martin (14)sort descendingAsInstances
I have a song within my spiritH. H. Martin (Author)2
Jesus, my Lord, is near meH. H. M. (Author)4
Jesus purchased my salvationH. H. Martin (Author)2
Men, arise and heed the service callH. H. Martin (Author)2
O blessed Lord, help us to singDr. H. H. M. (Author)2
Once my soul did stray from the narrow wayH. H. Martin (Author)2
Reapers for God, though the wayH. H. Martin (Author)2
Singing and praising Jesus our friendH. H. Martin (Author)5
Sinner come to Christ, let Him show the wayH. H. Martin (Author)2
There's a lovely homeH. H. Martin (Author)2
There's a voice that's gently callingH. H. Martin (Author)2
We're glad to praise our blessedH. H. Martin (Author)2
What a glad song we can singH. H. Martin (Author)2
When you need a friend to help you on your pilgrim wayH. H. M. (Author)2
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