Abraham Maxim

Short Name: Abraham Maxim
Full Name: Maxim, Abraham, 1773-1829
Birth Year: 1773
Death Year: 1829

Abraham Maxim was from Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He settled in the 1790's in Turner, Maine where he taught singing schools and converted to Universalism. Maxim’s works include: The Oriental Harmony, 1802, The Northern Harmony, 1805, and The Gospel Hymn Book, 1818.

Dianne Shapiro from introductory essay by Stephen Marini in "The Norumbega Harmony," The University of Mississippi Press, 2004

Tunes by Abraham Maxim (10)sort descendingAsInstances
BUCKFIELDMaxim (Composer)2
FLUVANNAMaxim (Composer)2
HALLOWELLMaxim (Composer)3
HARTFORDMaxim (Composer)2
HATFIELD (Maxim)Maxim (Composer)2
MACHIASMaxim (Composer)2
NEW DURHAMMaxim (Composer)2
ORANGEBURGMaxim (Composer)2
PORTLANDMaxim (Composer)2
TURNERAbraham Maxim (Composer)5
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