Rufus H. McDaniel

Rufus H. McDaniel
Short Name: Rufus H. McDaniel
Full Name: McDaniel, Rufus H., 1850-1940
Birth Year: 1850
Death Year: 1940

Rufus H. McDaniel was ordained in the Christian church in 1873. He found much joy in church music. He began writing hymns in the 1880's. He wrote, "I feel in my soul that God has something for me to do in brightening the experience of struggling souls. My chief desire is to be a blessing, if possible, to my fellow-men through these hymns and thereby glorify God in the name of his dear son 'whose I am and whom I serve.'"

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

Texts by Rufus H. McDaniel (30)sort descendingAsInstances
我生命有何等奇妙的大改變 (Wǒ shēngmìng yǒu héděng qímiào de dà gǎibiàn)Rufus H. McDaniel (Author)2
Always do your best for JesusRufus H. McDaniel (Author)2
By faith behold a crimson tideR. H. McDaniel (Author)2
Come, ye who are weary of sin and oppressedRev. R. H. McDaniel (Author)2
Cuán glorioso es el cambioR. H. M. Daniel (Author)6
Don’t give up when your way is drearyRev. R. H. McDaniel (Author)2
Fanavaozan'izay mahagaga tokoaCh. H. McDaniel (Author)2
Followers of Jesus, hear the trumpet callR. H. McDaniel (Author)2
Have you heard the master calling To his peopleR. H. McDaniel (Author)2
I am happy in Jesus as homeward I goRev. R. H. McDaniel (Author)3
I am on the King's highwayR. H. McDaniel (Author)2
I have been to Jesus and He saved my soulR. H. McDaniel (Author)6
I have given my heart to Jesus and I've joyRev. R. H. McDaniel (Author)3
I will glory in the cross of JesusR. H. McDaniel (Author)2
I will sing to you of JesusRev. R. H. McDaniel (Author)4
I'll walk in the pathway that Jesus hath trodR. H. McDaniel (Author)2
I'm a soldier for JesusR. H. McDaniel (Author)2
My heart glows with raptureR. H. McDaniel (Author)2
My heart glows with rapture, my cup runneth overRev. R. H. McDaniel (Author)4
Que mudança admirável na vida proveiRufus Henry McDaniel (Author)2
The Master is calling for reapers todayRev. R. H. McDaniel (Author)3
The Savior is dearer to meR. H. McDaniel (Author)10
The Savior is calling theeRev. R. H. McDaniel (Author)1
There's a fountain of sinR. H. McD. (Author)2
Ti blagcon naragsacR. H. McDaniel (Author)2
Try to be a blessing everywhere you goR. H. McDaniel (Author)2
We meet in loving sympathyR. H. McDaniel (Author)2
What a wonderful change in my life has been wroughtRufus H. McDaniel, 1850-1940 (Author)219
When Jesus found me I was lost and wanderingR. H. McDaniel (Author)2
Ye who love the Savior's nameR. H. McDaniel (Author)2
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