M. H. McKee

Short Name: M. H. McKee
Full Name: McKee, M. H.
Birth Year: 1879
Death Year: 1955

Martin Hall McKee, known as Mark, born in Texas, died in Texas

Dianne Shapiro, from Find a Grave website (accessed 6/20/2022)

Texts by M. H. McKee (64)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A picture I see so precious to meM. H. McK. (Author)English2
After the toil of this life has been endedM. H. McKee (Author)English2
All the way is clearM. H. McKee (Author)2
As my upward way I'm pressingM. H. McKee (Author)2
Be telling the story of wonderful loveM. H. McKee (Author)8
Beyond the tide are loved ones waitingM. H. McKee (Author)English2
Bring your burden to the LordM. H. McKee (Author)2
Brother, as you press along to the gloryland of songM. H. McKee (Author)2
Cast thy bread upon the waters, This the saying of our LordM. H. McKee (Author)English2
Ever I'm happy as onward I goM. H. McKee (Author)English2
I am climbing up the highwayM. H. McKee (Author)2
I believe the old, old storyM. H. McKee (Author)2
I have a friend who keeps my soulM. H. McKee (Author)2
I remember well the days, when the Savior came to stayM. H. M. (Author)English2
If you should reach heaven before I arriveM. H. McKee (Author)6
I'm joyfully singing as onward I goM. H. McKee (Author)English2
I'm safe within the upward wayM. H. McKee (Author)English2
I'm singing for Jesus the whole dayM. H. McKee (Author)2
In a world so full of weepingM. H. McKee (Author)English11
In the troubles and trials on the way of lifeM. H. McKee (Author)English2
In the way every dayM. H. McKee (Author)2
I've heard of a city whose builder is GodM. H. McKee (Author)3
I've left the dark pathway of evil and strifeM. H. M. (Author)English2
Jesus, high in glory, lend a listening earM. H. McKee (Author)English76
Just over the ocean beyond its commotionM. H. McKee (Author)2
Keep my heart, O blessed JesusM. H. McKee (Author)3
Look to the Savior never despairingM. H. McKee (Author)2
Lord, I'm weak and very smallM. H. McKee (Author)6
Much of thought I now am givingM. H. McKee (Author)English2
My earthly house is fast decayingM. H. McKee (Author)2
My Savior for me sufferedM. H. McKee (Author)2
Now the bursting spring awakesM. H. McKee (Author)English2
O I want to meet you thereM. H. McKee (Author)2
O wondrous is the grand old storyM. H. McKee (Author)2
On Zion's hill a mansion standsM. H. McKee (Author)2
On Zion's hill a mansion stands For all the pure and blestM. H. McKee (Author)3
Our year of jubilee has comeM. H. McKee (Author)2
Over and over the Savior has blessed meM. H. McKee (Author)English2
Savior, I am Thine foreverM. H. McKee (Author)English2
Since by faith I came trusting in His nameM. H. McKee (Author)English2
Since I believed the storyM. H. McKee (Author)English2
Since Jesus came with me todayM. H. McK. (Author)2
Sinner, lost and straying in the dark and coldM. H. M. (Author)English2
There is a city, bright and fair (McKee)M. H. McKee (Author)2
There is one, every grief to shareM. H. McK. (Author)3
There soon will come a happy dayM. H. McKee (Author)2
There's a happy time acoming and we know it won't be longM. H. McKee (Author)English2
There's a wondrous gleaming mansionM. H. McKee (Author)2
This morning the sun in his beauty aroseM. H. McKee (Author)English10
Though oft we meet in sorrowM. H. McKee (Author)2
Upon thy arm, dear Lord, I leanM. H. McKee (Author)4
We are pilgrims marching onwardM. H. McKee (Author)2
What can save the sinsick soulM. H. McKee (Author)4
When Jesus shall gather the nationsM. H. McKee (Author)English8
When Jesus was leaving, His followers grievingM. H. McK. (Author)English2
When lost upon sin's mountainM. H. McKee (Author)2
When our labor shall end we shall homeward ascendM. H. McK. (Author)English2
When our toiling at last has been endedM. H. McKee (Author)2
When our work is ended and we have ascendedM. H. McKee (Author)2
When the strife is ended and our work is doneM. H. McKee (Author)2
When toiling is ended and we have ascendedM. H. McKee (Author)English2
When you are weary andM. H. McKee (Author)3
Why need I fear, when I am never aloneM. H. McKee (Author)3
Within the garden loneM. H. McKee (Author)2
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