Aimee Semple McPherson

Short Name: Aimee Semple McPherson
Full Name: McPherson, Aimee Semple, 1890-1944
Birth Year: 1890
Death Year: 1944

McPherson, Aimee Elizabeth Kennedy Semple. (Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, October 9, 1890--September 26, 1944, Oakland, California). Foursquare. With no formal education beyond high school this remarkable and controversial woman founded the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel denomination. Pentacostalist missionary to China, 1917; itinerant Pentacostalist preacher in U.S. 1918-1923; pastor of Angelus Temple (Foursquare), Los Angeles, Calif. 1923-1944. Author of books on the Foursquare Church and composer of five oratorios. Evangelistic zeal is evident in her many published hymns. Full length biographical studies:

Thomas, Lately. (1970). Storming heaven : the lives and turmoils of Minnie Kennedy and Aimee Semple McPherson. New York: William Morrow & Co.

McPherson, Aimee Semple. (1973). The Story of My Life. Waco, Tex.: Word Books.

--Terry W. York, DNAH Archives

Letter to the editor from daughter Roberta Semple Salter describes the drive from New York to Los Angeles in 1918. (Smithsonian, November 1980). DNAH Archives

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All o'er the earth men are sighingA. S. M. (Author)3
Arise, ye sons of men, ariseAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
Cast ye your crowns at the blest Savior's feetA. S. M. (Author)3
Christ led the way to CalvaryAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
Christ the light of the agesA. S. M. (Author)3
Close to its sunset hourAimee Semple McPherson (Author)5
Come, now, ye weary and halt and blindAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
Crowns are made in cruciblesAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
Death shall be swallow'd in victoryAimee Semple McPherson (Author)2
Forth to the battle, we marchAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
Forward march, O foursquare hostAimee Semple McPherson (Author)5
Foursquare we stand for the living wordAimee Semple McPherson (Author)5
From the crossroads of life there leadsAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
Have you found a friend in Christ the KingAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
Hold the foursquare fortress firm 'tis the testing dayAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
Holy and righteous Father humbly we come to theeA. S. M. (Author)4
I claim the promiseAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
I have found a charmed circleAimee Semple McPherson (Author)4
I plead thy blood, O ChristA. S. M. (Author)3
I'm sailing o'er the sea of lifeAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
In a quiet dusky cornerAimee Semple McPherson (Author)4
It was on the day of PentecostAimee Semple McPherson (Author)5
It's raining, it's rainingA. S. M. (Author)2
I've found the key to ParadiseAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
La Palabra predicad, del Libro de DiosAimee Semple McPherson (Author)Spanish2
Life's first years pass awayA. S. M. (Author)3
Lord Jesus, thy name is sweet in my earsA. S. M. (Author)3
Lost was my soul on sin's mountainA. S. M. (Author)3
Merciful and gracious, Long suff'ringA. S. M. (Author)2
Not all the efforts of our handsA. S. M. (Author)3
O, cross of Christ, and can it beA. M. S. (Author)3
O man, thou'st time for pleasureAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
O mighty God upon us pourAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
O precious Babe of BethlehemA. S. M. (Author)3
O that it might be no moreA. S. M. (Author)3
O is there no balm in Gilead (McPherson)A. S. M. (Author)3
On Carmel's mount Elijah kneeledAimee Semple McPherson (Author)2
On, on, up the foursquare wayAimee Semple McPherson (Author)4
On the mountain of GodAimee Semple McPherson (Author)2
Once came the little childrenAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
Once I knew a little boyAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
Pass the joyful news alongAimee Semple McPherson (Author)2
Pitchers, Pitchers, Here bring your empty pitchersA. S. M. (Author)2
See yonder sun how fast he runAimee Semple McPherson (Author)2
Sing winds a lullabyA. S. M. (Author)3
So far as the east is from the westAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
Some folks believe that when men once trustAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
Speak thou, O Lord, thy servant will obeyA. S. M. (Author)3
The blood of my Savior, by faith I now seeAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
The Lord planted a garden deep within my heartAimee Semple McPherson (Author)4
The world is filled with sorrow. Its heart is filled with painA. S. M. (Author)3
There came to this earth, in the dear, long agoAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
There's a bright flag waving in the skyAimee Semple McPherson (Author)4
Thirstest thou, O Son of GodA. S. M. (Author)4
Though stars from their heavenly orbits may strayAimee Semple McPherson (Author)4
'Tis falling on the housetopsAimee Semple McPherson (Author)4
To thy tents, to thy tents, O Isr'lAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
We will go with our young and with our oldA. S. M. (Author)2
When God looked on the ancient worldAimee Semple McPherson (Author)2
When I go home to heavenA. S. M. (Author)3
When I read the story in Acts 2 and 4Aimee Semple McPherson (Author)2
When Naaman the leper came of oldAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
When on the green banks of old Jordan's streamAimee Semple McPherson (Author)3
When our God thunders the hills and mountainsA. S. M. (Author)3
When the weary and the lameA. S. M. (Author)3
While walking in the lowlandsAimee Semple McPherson (Author)4
Who's that lying in the manger lowA. S. M. (Author)3
Why are they whipping my JesusA. S. M. (Author)4
With the scarlet thread of redemptionAimee Semple McPherson (Author)2

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