Mechthild, of Magdeburg

Short Name: Mechthild, of Magdeburg
Full Name: Mechthild, of Magdeburg, ca. 1212- ca. 1282
Birth Year (est.): 1212
Death Year (est.): 1282

Mechthild of Helfta, or Mathilde in modern spelling, was a mystic author who lived in the Cisterian nunnery at Helfta near Eisleben, Germany. She is also known as Mechthild of Hackeborn, her parents' home. She was a younger sister of St. Gerturde of Hackeborn. She is mentioned in Bocaccio's Decameron, VII, 1, and in canto 28 of Dante's Purgatory. Cf. "Liber specialis gratiae" in Revelations Gertrudianae ac Mechtildianae (1877).

Her "Liber specialis gratiae" was popular in England and was translated into English in the fifteenth century. More recently it has been edited by Theresa A. Halligan as The Booke of Gostlye Grace of Mechtild of Hackeborn (Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1979).

--Leonard Ellinwood, DNAH Archives

Texts by Mechthild, of Magdeburg (20)sort descendingAsInstances
Behold, My bride, how fair My mouth, Mine eyesMechthild of Hellfde (Author)2
Dew abundant from the depths divineMechthild of Hellfde (Author)2
For Christ, my Lord, my spirit longs, forMechthild von Helfta (Author)3
He laid him down upon the breast of GodMechthild of Hellfde (Author)2
I bring unto Thy grace a seven-fold praiseMechthild of Hellfde (Author)2
I cannot dance, O LoveMechtild of Magdeburg (Based on the writing of)1
I rejoice that I cannot but love HimMechthild of Hellfde (Author)2
If the world were mine and all its storeMechthild of Hellfde (Author)2
It is a wondrous and a lofty roadMechthild of Hellfde (Author)2
ReadingsMechthild of Magdeburg (Author)3
O Jesus Lord, most fair, most passing sweetMechthild of Hellfde (Author)2
Sinner, wilt thou be convertedMechthild of Hellfte (Author)3
The mind saith to the soulMechthild of Hellfde (Author)2
The mouth of the Lord hath spokenMechthild of Hellfde (Author)2
Thou hast shone within this soul of mineMechthild of Hellfde (Author)2
Thus speaks the Bride whose feet have trodMechthild of Hellfde (Author)2
Twixt God and thee but love shall beMechthild of Hellfde (Author)2
What dost thou bring me, O my Queen?Mechthild of Hellfde (Author)2
When mine eyes are dim with weepingMechthild of Hellfde (Author)2
Wilt thou, sinner, be converted?Mechthild of Hellfde (Author)2

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