Ken Medema

Short Name: Ken Medema
Full Name: Medema, Ken, 1943-
Birth Year: 1943 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Ken Medema (17)sort descendingAsInstances
All my life I've sung a jealous songKen Medema (Author)3
Come, let us reason together, That's what God saysKen Medema (Author)9
Giving to you gratefullyKen Medema (Author (stanzas))2
God, I am beaten, battered and bruisedKen Medema (Author)2
God, we give to you our offeringsKen Medema (Author)2
Good morning, God, the night is goneKen Medema (Author)2
I am the vine, you are the branches, Those who remain in meKen Medema (Author)2
In unity we lift our songKen Medema (Author)5
Fools don't get itKen Medema (Author)3
Let truth and mercy find here Ken Medema (Author)2
Let us see the tongues of fireKen Medema, 1943- (Author)2
Lord, listen to your children prayingKen Medema (Author)25
Out of need and out of customKen Medema (Author)7
Out of the babble that surrounds usKen Medema, b. 1943 (Author)3
Teach me to stop and listenKen Medema (Author)2
Use these gifts to lift the lowlyKen Medema (Author)2
We pray for peace, for peace among the nationsKen Medema, b. 1943 (Author)2

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