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Short Name: Ken Medema
Full Name: Medema, Ken, 1943-
Birth Year: 1943

Ken Medema (b. Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1943) is a song writer, composer, recording artist, and story-teller through music. Blind from birth, Ken began playing the piano at age five and studied classical music by reading Braille. He graduated from Grand Rapids Christian High School and studied music therapy at Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan. As a music therapist in both Indiana and New Jersey, he began writing songs for hurting teenagers, an experience that helped to launch a career of writing songs on Christian life that has taken him to venues large and small all over North America and beyond. He responds to what he hears and sees in his heart at particular events, often improvising songs on the spot, offering compassion, honesty and desire for integrity in both worship and life. In 1985 he began Brier Patch Music, which continues to publish his music and recordings, including 26 CDs.

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Kenneth Peter Medema (born December 7, 1943) is an American musician and singer-songwriter who has been performing in the United States, Canada, and Europe for more than forty years. Some of his best known songs began as live improvisations. Medema was born almost blind; his eyes only let him tell light from shadow and see outlines of major objects. He began playing the piano when he was five years old, and three years later began taking lessons in classical music through braille music, playing by ear and improvising in different styles.

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[All my life I've sung a jealous song]Ken Medema (Composer)3
CHILDREN PRAYINGKen Medema (Composer)3133232 32213 33432
[Come build a church]Ken Medema (Composer)2
COME LET US REASONKen Medema, b. 1943 (Composer)9
[Every day is a victory]Ken Medema (Composer)2
[Fools don't get it]Ken Medema (Composer)3
GATHERING (Medema)Ken Medema (Composer)5
[God, I am beaten, battered and bruised]Ken Medema (Composer)2
GOLFBURYKen Medema (Composer)2
GRANDVILLE (Medema)Ken Medema (Composer)212332 21134 55443
[I am the vine, you are the branches] (Medema)Ken Medema (Composer)2
[Out of the babble that surrounds us]Ken Medema, b. 1943 (Composer)4
[Someone is waiting right outside your door]Ken Medema (Composer)233432 32112 5334
[Teach me to stop and listen]Ken Medema (Composer)233322 11444 33255
TREE SONGKen Medema (Composer)255554 32233 44321
USE THESE GIFTSKen Medema (Composer)253322 12353 32212
[We pray for peace]Ken Medema, b. 1943 (Composer)2

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