Louis F. Mitchel

Short Name: Louis F. Mitchel
Full Name: Mitchel, Louis F.
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Texts by Louis F. Mitchel (30)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
As morning dawns upon a world in darknessLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
Bright and happy are the momentsLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
Fill the water pots with waterL. F. M. (Author)English2
I've enlisted in the armyLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
I've found a blest chord of musicL. F. Mitchel (Author)English2
I've found a great refreshingLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
I've found the new, the living wayLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
I've in my heart a merry psalmLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
John saw a home from a mountain great and highL. F. Mitchel (Author)English2
Just as the opening flowerLouis F. Mitchel (Author)English2
Lo Jesus comes in power and glory greatLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
Long years I traveled on in sinLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
Marching onward, walking in the lightLouis F. Mitchel (Author)3
My Beloved's on the mountainsLouis F. Mitchel (Author)English2
My cup with wine runs overLouis F. Mitchel (Author)English2
O Jesus, I love and adore TheeL. F. Mitchel (Author)English2
O love of God, how great thou artLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
O the world is full of sorrow (Mitchel)Louis F. Mitchel (Author)English2
Once there came from heaven to earthLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
Praise the Lord in glad high praisesL. F. Mitchel (Author)English2
Tender and true, pleading for youLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
The joy bells of CanaanLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
The love of Christ fills all my heartLouis F. Mitchel (Author)3
The peace of heaven now fills my heartLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
There never was such wondrous loveLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
There's joy in believing the promise of GodLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
There's music in my soul, Sweeter than an angel's songLouis F. Mitchel (Author)English2
We have a glad song of triumphL. F. M. (Author)English2
When the Lord to heaven ascendedLouis F. Mitchel (Author)2
Why leap ye, O high hills, and why do you skip?Louis F. Mitchel (Author)English3
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