Michael Morgan

Short Name: Michael Morgan
Full Name: Morgan, Michael, 1948-
Birth Year: 1948

Michael Morgan is a church musician, Psalm scholar, and collector of English Bibles and Psalters from Atlanta, Georgia, where he has served as organist for Central Presbyterian Church for over 35 years, and is also organist at Columbia Theological Seminary. He is author of the Psalter for Christian Worship (revised edition, 2010), and a regular contributor in the field of psalmody (most recently to the Reformed collection Psalms for All Seasons and to the new Presbyterian hymnal, Glory to God, publishing in 2013).


Texts by Michael Morgan (34)sort descendingAsInstances
All on earth and all in heavenMichael Morgan (Author)3
Alleluia! Laud and blessingMichael Morgan (Author)3
Approach our God with songs of praiseMichael Morgan (Author (sts.))2
Bless the Lord, O saints and servantsMichael Morgan (Author)3
Clap your hands, O faithful peopleMichael Morgan (Author)2
Forever we will sing to you our God aboveMichael Morgan (Author)2
God reigns! Earth rejoices! Oceans shout God's might!Michael Morgan (Author)3
God reigns! Let earth rejoice! Let oceans shout God's mightMichael Morgan (Author)2
Hear my cry, O God, and save me!Michael Morgan (Author)4
Hear, O Lord, my plea for justiceMichael Morgan (Author)2
How our hearts with joy aboundMichael Morgan (Author)2
In ages past the mighty LordMichael Morgan (Author)2
Incline your ear, O Lord, to meMichael Morgan (Author)3
Joy abounds for all the faithfulMichael Morgan (Author (stanzas))2
Let every voice on earth resoundMichael Morgan (Author)2
Lord, we sing with joyful voicesMichael Morgan (Author (stanzas))3
Make a joyful noise to God!Michael Morgan (Author)2
O blest are they who in their loveMichael Morgan (Author)2
O God, your deeds are unsurpassedMichael Morgan (Author)3
O Lord, be our refuge, when evils assailMichael Morgan (Author)3
O Lord, how many are my foes!Michael Morgan (Versifier)1
O praise God's name togetherMichael Morgan (Author)3
O save me, God, and hear my cryMichael Morgan (Author)2
O Shepherd, hear and lead your flockMichael Morgan (Author)3
Once in royal David's city, When the king was in distressMichael Morgan (Author)2
Praise God! Earth and heaven rejoice!Michael Morgan (Author)3
Praise the Lord, the day is won!Michael Morgan (Author)3
Rejoice, you righteous, in the Lord, In song your voices raiseMichael Morgan (Author)3
The Mighty God with power speaksMichael Morgan (Author)4
Those who place on God reliance in despairMichael Morgan (Author)3
To your unequaled strength, O LordMichael Morgan (Author)3
Tree of Wisdom, fruitful greenMichael Morgan (Author)2
When the Lord restored our blessingMichael Morgan (Author)2
Why do nations rage togetherMichael Morgan (Author)2
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