Homer F. Morris

Short Name: Homer F. Morris
Full Name: Morris, Homer F.
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Texts by Homer F. Morris (30)sort descendingAsInstances
Ah this heart with anxious throbbingHomer F. Morris (Author)7
Almost persuaded, yet thou wilt not comeHomer F. Morris (Author)3
Heavenly Father let me beHomer F. Morris (Author)2
How sweet the thought that comes to me (Morris)Homer F. Morris (Author)3
I am happy all the day (Morris)Homer F. Morris (Author)2
I am happy now on my pilgrim wayHomer F. Morris (Author)5
I have a sweet story of Jesus tonightH. F. Morris (Author)7
If o'erwhelmed by sin and woeHomer F. Morris (Author)3
If overwhelmed by sin and woeHomer F. Morris (Author)2
I'm thinking tonight of my loved onesHomer F. Morris (Author)7
In our dealings with eachHomer F. Morris (Author)2
Long ago a man went down to JerichoHomer F. Morris (Author)2
Long ago the dear savior came downHomer F. Morris (Author)2
O Christian soldiers, hear the callHomer F. Morris (Author)3
O how sad to part with loved onesH. F. Morris (Arranger)2
O is it true that time for meHomer F. Morris (Author)4
O ye gospel heralds, go proclaimingHomer F. Morris (Author)2
Often now we're sad and loneHomer F. Morris (Author)2
Since the Savior sought and found me, joy bellsHomer F. Morris (Author)3
Speak just a word now for JesusHomer F. Morris (Author)3
Struggle on in faithHomer F. Morris (Author)3
There is a sweet home landHomer F. Morris (Author)2
There's a beautiful mansion of restHomer F. Morris (Author)2
There's a way up to heavenHomer F. Morris (Author)2
There's a way up to life, and a way down to earthHomer F. Morris (Author)2
They crucified my Lord, laid him in the tombH. F. Morris (Author)2
To that sweet home where there is no more nightHomer F. Morris (Author)3
We are pilgrims in this lone, sadHomer F. Morris (Author)2
When this life is over and I'm here no moreHomer F. Morris (Author)4
When you have sorrow, when you have doubtingHomer F. Morris (Author)4
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