John S. Norris

Short Name: John S. Norris
Full Name: Norris, John S., 1844-1907
Birth Year: 1844
Death Year: 1907 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by John S. Norris (22)sort descendingAsInstances
Church of the living God, awakeJ. S. Norris (Author)2
Empty me of self, dear SaviorJ. S. Norris (Author)3
From central throne of dazzling whiteRev. J. S. Norris (Author)2
Gib deinen Geist, teurer HeilandJ. S. Norris (Author)2
Grant me thy Spirit, dear SaviorJ. S. N. (Author)7
Helpless, O Lord, I cry to theeJ. S. Norris (Author)2
I long for the fulness of blessingJ. S. Norris (Author)3
I will try to do the rightJ. S. Norris (Author)2
Jesu, mein Herz und mein LebenJ. S. N. (Author)2
Jesus, make my heart thy homeJ. S. Norris (Author)2
O loving Savior, kind and trueJ. S. N. (Author)4
O suffer little childrenJ. S. Norris (Author)2
O the blessed Bible, what a treasureJ. S. N. (Author)6
O vaar dyra bibel, hur den sk'nker SkaterJ. S. Norris (Author)2
Sometimes our hearts are burdened with griefJ. S. N. (Author)2
Stundom vaart hj'rta tynges af noedJ. S. Norris (Author)2
The Sabbath bells are ringing and sweet soundsJ. S. Norris (Author)2
The voice of Christ to thee is cryingJ. S. Norris (Author)2
There is no name so sweet as JesusJ. S. Norris (Author)2
There's a land that enraptures the sightJohn S. Norris (Author)2
Though I'm but a little childJ. S. N. (Author)2
We are happy children, walking in the lightJ. S. Norris (Author)3
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