Thomas Norton

Short Name: Thomas Norton
Full Name: Norton, Thomas, 1532-1584
Birth Year: 1532
Death Year: 1584 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Thomas Norton (29)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Before the Lord God with my voiceN. (Author)English3
Blest be the Lord my strength, that dothN. (Author)English3
Give praises unto God the LordN. (Author)English3
I love the Lord, because my voice And prayer heard hath he (Norton)N. (Author)English3
I mercy will and judgment sing, O Lord God, unto theeThomas Norton (Author)6
In speechless silence do not holdThomas Norton (Author)English3
Lord hear my prayer, hark the plaintThomas Norton (Author)English3
Lord, save me from the evil manN. (Author)3
Not unto us Lord not to us, But to thy Name give praiseN. (Author)English3
Not unto us. Lord. not to us, but do Thou glory takeThomas Norton (Author)English4
O all ye nations of the world, Praise ye the Lord alwaysThomas Norton (Author)English3
O give ye thanks unto the LordN. (Author)English3
O hear my prayer Lord and letThomas Norton (Author)English2
O Lord I am not puffed in mindN. (Author)Latin1
O Lord thou hast me tried and knownThomas Norton (Author)3
O Lord upon thee do I callThomas Norton (Author)3
O praise the Lord, praise him, praise himN. (Author)English3
Oft they (now Israel may say)N. (Author)English2
Praise ye the Lord, for he is good, His mercy dures for ayeN. (Author)English2
Praise ye the Lord, for he is good, For his mercy endureth for everThomas Norton (Author)English3
Praise ye the Lord; for it is good Praise to our God to sing (Scottish)Thomas Norton (Author)English6
Praise ye the Lord, for it is good, Unto our God to singN. (Author)English3
Remember Davids troubles LordN. (Author)English1
Sing ye unto the Lord our GodN. (Author)3
The Lord did say unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand (Norton)N. (Author)English3
Thee will I laud my God and KingThomas Norton (Author)English3
Thee will I praise with my whole heart, My Lord my God alwaysThomas Norton (Author)English3
With heart I do accordThomas Norton (Author)English3
Yield unto God the mighty LordN. (Author)English3
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