Herbert O'Driscoll

Short Name: Herbert O'Driscoll
Full Name: O'Driscoll, Herbert, 1928-
Birth Year: 1928

O'Driscoll, Herbert. (Cork, Ireland, October 17, 1928-- ). Anglican. Graduated from Trinity College, Dublin, 1951. Pastorates at Monkstown (Ireland), 1952-1954; Ottawa, Ontario, 1954-1957, 1962-1968; Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, 1957-1960 (naval chaplaincy); Carp, Ont., 1960-1962; Vancouver, British Columbia, (dean), 1968-1982. In 1982 he moved to Washington, D.C. to become the warden of the College of Preachers at Washington Cathedral, but returned to Canada after one year.

In both his hymns and his published sermons, he uses traditional techniques to set forth contemporary concerns, so that his work is unusually approachable.

--Hugh D. McKellar, DNAH Archives

O'Driscoll, T. Herbert (Thomas Herbert)
O'Driscoll, Thomas Herbert

Texts by Herbert O'Driscoll (14)sort descendingAsInstances
Before the earth had yet begunHerbert O'Driscoll (1928-) (Author)4
Come and journey with a SaviorHerbert O'Driscoll, b. 1928 (Author)5
From the slave pens of the DeltaT. Herbert O'Driscoll (Author)5
God hath spoken by his prophetsT. Herbert O'Driscoll (Author (B))1
God, when I stand, no path before me clearHerbert O'Driscoll (Author)4
God who spread the boundless prairieHerbert O'Driscoll (Author)2
God, who has caused to be writtenHerbert O'Driscoll (1928-) (Author)5
Let my people seek their freedomT. Herbert O'Driscoll (Author)3
O God, beyond all face and formHerbert O'Driscoll (Author)3
Sing of a God in Majestic DivinityHerbert O'Driscoll, 1928- (Author)4
Sing of Eve and sing of AdamT. Herbert O'Driscoll, 1928- (Author)1
The love of Jesus calls usHerbert O'Driscoll (1928-) (Author)2
Three tall trees stood on a windy hillT. Herbert O'Driscoll (Author)3
Who are we who stand and singT. Herbert O'Driscoll (Author)2

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