Louise M. Oglevee

Short Name: Louise M. Oglevee
Full Name: Oglevee, Louise M. (Louis McAroy), b. 1872
Birth Year: 1872
Death Year (est.): 1972
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Texts by Louise M. Oglevee (40)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A bluebird over the treetops flewLouise M. Oglevee (Author)5
A dear little baby we welcome todayLouise M. Oglevee (Author)3
America, my country dearLouise M. Oglevee (Author)3
An army now is marching byLouise M. Oglevee (Author)2
Bless these gifts, our Father, As we try to shareLouise M. Oglevee (Author)English2
Dear Father, bless each little childLouise M. Ogelvee (Author)English4
Each flower nodding in the sunLouise M. Oglevee (Author)6
For thy gifts so manyLouise M. Oglevee (Author)5
From big black clouds the raindrops fellLouise M. Oglevee (Author)4
God gave me ears and lips and eyesLouise M. Oglevee (Author)3
Here is the way we walkLouise M. Oglevee (Author)2
Homeward, we turn with torchesLouise M. Oglevee (Author)2
I know the nicest secretLouise M. Oglevee (Author)4
In church it is so quietLouise M. Oglevee (Author)3
In the church it is so quietLouise M. Oglevee (Author)2
Let little children come to me (Oglevee)Louise M. Oglevee (Author)3
Long long ago one winter's nightLouise M. Oglevee (Author)3
My father and my mother are both so kind to meLouise M. Oglevee (Author)4
O Christmas tree, O Christmas treeLouise M. Oglevee (Author)7
O isn't it the nicest thingLouise M. Oglevee (Author)4
O little children, do you knowLouise M. Oglevee (Author)4
O sweet are the songs that the children singLouise M. Oglevee (Author)3
O Thou, in whose eternal nameLouise M. Oglevee (Author)1
Since my heavenly Father gives me everythingLouise M. Oglevee (Author)English5
Sleep, sleep, sleep, little seedLouise M. Oglevee (Author)6
Swiftly pass the hoursLouise M. Oglevee (Author)2
The Bible is God's holy bookLouise M. Oglevee (Author)2
The carpenter's hammerLouise M. Oglevee (Author)2
The Christmas angels sang to sayLouise M. Oglevee (Author)2
The great outdoors around usLouise M. Oglevee (Author)6
The great outdoors, the sky, the treesLouise M. Oglevee (Author)2
The star shone brightly in the skyLouise M. Oglevee (Author)3
The winds of springtime softly blowLouise M. Oglevee (Author)3
This is God's house, and he is here todayLouise M. Oglevee (Author)English10
This is the way the mill wheel goesLouise M. Oglevee (Author)3
Today a song of praise I singLouise M. Oglevee (Author)2
We wish a joyous birthdayLouise M. Oglevee (Author)3
We worship by the gifts we bringLouise M. Oglevee (Author)2
Welcome, welcome, welcome to this happy placeLouise M. Oglevee (Author)3
When the baby Jesus came down to earthLouise M. Oglevee (Author)3
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