John Parker

Short Name: John Parker
Full Name: Parker, John
Birth Year (est.): 1825
Death Year: 1911

John Parker, born in England, immigrated to the United States about 1847 at the age of 22. He was a Methodist pastor, serving churches in New York and Vermont. He was a chaplain in the U.S. Army during the Civil War. He died in Asbury Park, New York in 1911.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Christian Advocate," Vol. 86, September 28, 1911, P. 1298 (6)

Texts by John Parker (35)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Art thou weary, trust my loveJohn Parker (Author)1
Do you know the blessed Savior's at the door?Rev. John Parker (Author)English18
Es ist nur ein Weg zu dem KreuzJohn Parker (Author)German1
Fear not the gloom of [the] midnightRev. J. Parker (Author)English9
God [He] holds the key of all unknownRev. J. Parker (Author)English19
Gott schließt der Zukunft Tore aufJohn Parker (Author)German1
Herren Jesus står vid hjärtats slutna dörrJohn Parker (Author)Swedish4
Hold on hold on in Christ believingJohn Parker (Author)3
I am now a child of God, For I'm washed in Jesus' bloodJohn Parker (Author)English18
I have often heard Thee call meJohn Parker (Author)2
I shall not want, HallelujahJohn Parker (Author)English4
I walk today in Beulah land (Chorus)John Parker (Author)English1
Ich bin nun ein GotteskindJohn Parker (Author)German1
I'm more than conqueror through His bloodRev. John Parker (Author)English13
In heaven there's building now a mansion for meJohn Parker (Author)English1
Like Jacob, in his Bethel restRev. John Parker (Author)English24
More Thou art than friend or brotherJohn Parker (Author)English4
My God, thy mercies gird me roundRev. John Parker (Author)English5
My happy heart sings all the dayJohn Parker (Author)English2
O wondrous love of JesusJohn Parker (Author)English6
On the plains where Jacob layJohn Parker (Author)2
Onward, upward, soldier true, Jesus loves to trust in youRev. John Parker (Author)English3
Praise becomes the saints of GodRev. John Parker (Author)English2
Prayer is the key on the bending kneeJohn Parker (Author)English13
The blood, the blood is all my pleaJohn Parker (Author)English16
There is a land where life is joyJohn Parker (Author)English2
There is life in a look at the Crucified OneRev. J. Parker (Author)English4
There is only one way to the crossRev. J. Parker (Author)English8
They are thinking of us over there, we knowRev. John Parker (Author)English2
Thy will to me, O GodJohn Parker (Author)English4
Ved du om, at Jesus staar ved hjertets dørJohn Parker (Author)Norwegian2
We shall see the King, in a little whileJohn Parker (Author)English2
What a friend the childrenRev. Jno. Parker (Author)2
Why stand ye here idling todayRev. John Parker (Author)2
Wretched, poor, forlorn, forsakenJohn Parker (Author)2
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