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Short Name: C. Alexander Peloquin
Full Name: Peloquin, C. Alexander (Charles Alexander), 1918-1997
Birth Year: 1918
Death Year: 1997
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[All my hope, O Lord, is in your loving kindness]CAP (Composer)252175
[Alleluia] (Peloquin)Alexander Peloquin (Composer)254325 65454 3432
[Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia] (Mass of the Bells)Alexander Peloquin (Composer)213456 54517 6567
[Threefold Amen] (Mass of the Bells)Alexander Peloquin (Composer)235224 1
[Be with me, Lord, when I am in trouble] (Peloquin)CAP (Composer)376567 65
[Dying you destroyed our death] (Mass of the Bells)Alexander Peloquin (Composer)253135 65753 5717
[For the kingdom, the power, the glory are yours]C. Alexander Peloquin (Composer)256171 21232 34
[Glory to God in the highest] (Mass of the Bells)Alexander Peloquin, 1918- (Composer)853212 32115 32123
[Go out to all the world, and tell the Good News]AP (Composer)513344 5
GOOD SHEPHERD (Peloquin)Alexander Peloquin, b. 1918 (Composer)354321 23432 172
[Holy, holy, holy Lord] (Mass of the Bells)Alexander Peloquin (Composer)253423 12132 43553
[In ev'ry age, O Lord, you have been our refuge] (Peloquin)CAP (Composer)355771
[Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world] (Mass of the Bells)Alexander Peloquin (Composer)255112 16634 35554
[Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world] (Lyric Liturgy)Alexander Peloquin (Composer)343334 33321 71234
[Let us pray with confidence to the Father] (Lyric Liturgy)Alexander Peloquin (Composer)211112 22225 51111
[Lord, have mercy] (Mass of the Bells)Alexander Peloquin (Composer)257176 54467 6
[Lord, in your great love, answer me] (Peloquin)CAP (Composer)324323
[Lord Jesus! You are here with us]C. Alexander Peloquin (Composer (refrain))512312 34312 34321
[Lord, send out your Spirit] (Peloquin)C. Alexander Peloquin (Composer (antiphon))216717 3456
[O Jesu! life-spring of the soul!]C. Alexander Peloquin (Composer)253232 12712 4354
[Our blessing cup is a communion] (Peloquin)CAP (Composer)316754 6714
[Our Father, who art in heaven] (Lyric Liturgy)C. Alexander Peloquin (Composer)212176 72176 56712
[Praise the Lord who lifts up the poor] (Peloquin)CAP (Composer)214445
[The Lord is kind and merciful] (Peloquin)CAP (Composer)255672 765
[The peace of the Lord be with you always] (Lyric Liturgy)C. Alexander Peloquin (Composer)212123 32321
[You saved my life, O Lord]CAP (Composer)232217 1
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