Michael Perry

Michael Perry
Short Name: Michael Perry
Full Name: Perry, Michael, 1942-1996
Birth Year: 1942
Death Year: 1996

Wikipedia Biography

Michael Arnold Perry (8 March 1942 – 9 December 1996) was a Church of England clergyman and one of the leading British hymnwriters of the 20th century. He was closely associated with Jubilate Hymns.

Texts by Michael Perry (85)sort descendingAsInstances
All who are thirsty, come to the LordMichael Perry (Author)3
Angels, praise himMichael Perry (Adapter)2
As we walk along beside youMichael A. Perry (Author)4
Be gracious to me, LordMichael Perry (Author)3
Bethlehem, what greater cityMichael Perry (1942-1996) (Paraphraser)2
Blessed be the God of Israel, who comes to set us free; he visits and redeems usMichael A. Perry (Author)14
Blow upon the trumpetMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)1
Born of the waterMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)1
[Born of Water]Michael A Perry (Author)2
Bring to the Lord a glad new songMichael Arnold Perry (Author)4
Child of gladness, child of sorrowMichael Perry (Author)2
Come and Hear the Joyful SingingMichael A. Perry (Author)2
Come and sing the Christmas storyMichael A Perry (Author)3
Come, sing praises to the Lord aboveMichael Perry (Author)2
Come, worship God, who is worthy of honorMichael Perry, 1942-1996 (Versifier)7
Comes Mary to the graveMichael A Perry (Author)6
Commit your way to God the LordMichael Perry (Author)4
[Down from the Height ]Michael A Perry (Author)2
[Fear Not, For I Bring All People]Michael A Perry (Author)2
Fling wide the gates, unbar the ancient doorsMichael Perry, 1942-1996 (Author)2
[From Highest Heaven Where Praises Ring]Michael A Perry (Author)2
From time beyond my memoryMichael Perry (Author)2
Glad music fills the Christmas skyMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)1
[Glory and Honor]Michael A Perry (Author)2
Glory be to God in heaven, Peace to those who love him wellMichael A Perry (Author)5
God is our fortress and our rockMichael A. Perry (Translator)7
God of light and life’s creationMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)2
God our Father, bless your peopleMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)2
God save and bless our nationMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)1
God shall fulfil the promise and bring the people peaceMichael Perry (Author)1
God the Father caused to beMichael Perry (Author)1
God the Father of creationMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)2
[He Lives in Us, the Christ of God]Michael A Perry (Author)5
Heal me, hands of JesusMichael Perry (Author)10
How shall they hear the word of GodMichael A. Perry (Author)14
I believe in God the FatherMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)2
In Christ there is no east or west (Perry)Michael A. Perry (Author)7
In Christ there is no east or west (Oxenham)Michael A. Perry, 1942-96 (Author (st. 3))5
In the streets of every cityMichael Perry, 1942-96 (Author)2
[Jesus, Child of Mary Born]Michael A Perry (Author)2
Jesus Christ the Lord is bornMichael Perry (born 1942) (Translator)3
Jesus, hope of every nationMichael A Perry (Author)4
[Jesus, Redeemer, Mary's child]Michael A Perry (Author)2
[Jesus, Savior, Holy Child]Michael A Perry (Author)2
Let the desert singMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)1
Let this be my supreme desireMichael Perry (Author)3
Lift up your head and let your heart hear the storyMichael A. Perry (Author (alternate refrain))1
Lift your heart and raise your voiceMichael Perry (Author)2
Like a mighty river flowingMichael A Perry (Author)11
Lord Jesus Christ, invited guest and SaviorMichael Perry (Author)4
Lord Jesus, for my sake you comeMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)3
Lord Jesus, let these eyes of mineMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)1
May the Lord God hear you prayMichael Perry (Author)3
Merciful LordMichael Perry, 1942-1996 (Translator)2
Now all the world belongs to Christ our LordMichael Perry (Author)2
[Now Evening Comes to Close the Day]Michael A Perry (Author)3
Now through the grace of GodMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)1
Now through the grace of God we claimMichael Perry (Author)3
O bless the God of IsraelMichael Perry (Author)4
O Christ of all the ages, comeMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)2
[O come, Our world's Redeemer, come]Michael A Perry (Author)2
O God beyond all praising, we worship you todayMichael Perry, b. 1942 (Author)23
O Lord, be gracious to meMichael Perry (1942-1996) (Author)2
O perfect Love, all human thought transcendingMichael Perry (Author (st. 4))1
[O Praise the Lord, the Mighty God of Israel]Michael A Perry (Author)2
[One thing I know] (Perry)Michael A Perry (Author)2
Praise him, praise him, Praise him! pow'rs and diminationsMichael Perry (Author)5
Praise the Father, God of justiceMichael Perry (Author)2
Ring out the bells, and let the people knowMichael Perry (1942-1996) (Author)2
Roar the waves, the waters praisingMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)2
Safe in the hands of God who made meMichael Perry (Author)3
See him lying on a bed of strawMichael Perry (Author)11
The brightness of God's gloryMichael A. Perry (Author)3
The first noel, the angel did sayMichael Arnold Perry (1942-1996) (Adapter)1
The God of heaven thundersMichael A. Perry (Author)4
The hands of Christ, the caring handsMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)1
We give God thanks for those who knewMichael A Perry (Author)4
[We Lift Our Hearts Up to the Lord]Michael A Perry (Author)2
We share a new day’s dawnMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)1
We Thank You, God, for Feeding UsMichael A. Perry (Author)2
We will tell each generationMichael Perry (Author)2
When I lift up my voiceMichael A. Perry (Author)3
[When Jesus Christ Was Eight Days Old]Michael A Perry (Author)2
When Jesus walked upon this earth, His word was peaceMichael Perry (born 1942) (Author)2
When my sorrows cover meMichael Perry, 1942-96 (Author)2

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