Ulysses Phillips

Short Name: Ulysses Phillips
Full Name: Phillips, Ulysses
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Texts by Ulysses Phillips (21)sort descendingAsInstances
A precious truth to us is giv'nU. P. (Author)2
As I travel on my way, To that land more fair than dayUlysses Phillips (Author)2
As we gather here in Thy presence, LordUlysses Phillips (Author)2
Come, ye little children, come, oh, come todayUlysses Phillips (Author)2
Drifting away from the peaceful foldUlysses Phillips (Author)2
From death to life, oh, what a thought!Ulysses Phillips (Author)2
Have you walked about Mount Zion?Ulysses Phillips (Author)2
I am free from condemnation since the Lord has made me wholeUlysses Phillips (Author)2
I cried to God for mercyU. P. (Author)2
I have read in His word how the blessed Savior cameUlysses Phillips (Author)2
I know this earthly house shall fallUlysses Phillips (Author)2
If your soul is seeking restUlysses Phillips (Author)2
Inside the door, O safe retreatU. P. (Author)2
Jesus Christ has come to set the captive freeUlysses Phillips (Author)2
Jesus is calling the children, Calling, yes calling, todayUlysses Phillips (Author)2
Many souls today are burdenedUlysses Phillips (Author)2
See, the Lord hath made us by His mighty pow'rU. P. (Author)2
Sinner friends, today will you sin pursue?U. P. (Author)2
There is a city, so I've been toldU. P. (Author)2
There's a light shining down on my pathway todayUlysses Phillips (Author)2
To this world I'm crucified, all its follies I've deniedUlysses Phillips (Author)2
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