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Emma Pitt

Short Name: Emma Pitt
Full Name: Pitt, Emma (Emma F.)
Birth Year: 1846

Born: 1846, Maryland.

Pitt was living in Bal­ti­more, Mar­y­land, by 1880, and through at least 1910. She may have died be­fore 1920, as the daugh­ter with whom she was living in 1910 was on her own and still sin­gle in 1920.


Texts by Emma Pitt (195)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A little robin in the SpringEmma Pitt (Author)2
A mingled sound from Calvary I hearEmma Pitt (Author)2
A tender child beneath the sunEmma Pitt (Author)2
All that I have, all that I amEmma Pitt (Author)2
Are you peaceful in your heartEmma Pitt (Author)4
Are you sowing the seeds of mercyEmma Pitt (Author)6
Beauteous flowers bloom in heavenEmma Pitt (Author)2
Beautiful bells, chime onEmma Pitt (Author)2
Beautiful crowns in heaven we seeEmma Pitt (Author)2
Beautiful theme that JesusEmma Pitt (Author)2
Blessed Savior, be thou near me, When the storms above me rollEmma Pitt (Author)2
Blessed Savior, ever nearEmma Pitt (Author)4
Brave Christian soldiers, gallantly marchingEmma Pitt (Author)10
Bright little star, shining in the skyEmma Pitt (Author)2
Buds and blossoms fresh with beautyEmma Pitt (Author)2
Children of Zion sing the new songEmma Pitt (Author)2
Chime out, ye bells of beautyEmma Pitt (Author)3
Christ is born, our mighty KingEmma Pitt (Author)2
Christ, the Lord is born todayEmma Pitt (Author)3
Christmas bells, peal onEmma Pitt (Author)2
Christus hat erlösetEmma Pitt (Author)German2
Come and join us as we singEmma Pitt (Author)2
Come join the army of the crossEmma Pitt (Author)3
Come, join the bright ranks of our armyMrs. Emma Pitt (Author)2
Consider ye the lilies, contented in their lotEmma Pitt (Author)1
Do life's cares and burdens oft oppress youEmma Pitt (Author)3
Down the column of the agesEmma Pitt (Author)4
Earnest, faithful banner bearersEmma Pitt (Author)1
Earth and sky with beauty teemingEmma Pitt (Author)4
Es rufet die Stimme des GeistesEmma Pitt (Author)German1
Faithful builders, all are weEmma Pitt (Author)3
For the Savior I will shineEmma Pitt (Author)3
Fruit bearers in thy kingdomEmma Pitt (Author)2
Glory to the new born KingEmma Pitt (Author)5
God bless the star, the little starEmma Pitt (Author)2
God bless you till we meet againEmma Pitt (Author)3
God made the star, the lovely starEmma Pitt (Author)2
God sees each each little sparrowEmma Pitt (Author)3
Great God, our inmost heartsEmma Pitt (Author)6
Great God, our inmost hearts prepareEmma Pitt (Author)2
Hail, thou mighty King, EmmanuelEmma Pitt (Author)2
Hail to thee, hail to thee, beautiful morningEmma Pitt (Author)2
Happy are the people whose trust is in the LordEmma Pitt (Author)5
Happy hearts we will bringEmma Pitt (Author)2
Hark, I hear sweet strains of musicEmma Pitt (Author)3
Hark, I hear the angel voicesEmma Pitt (Author)4
Hark, I hear the glad hosannaEmma Pitt (Author)2
Haste the morn of Zion's gloryEmma Pitt (Author)2
Have you on the wedding garmentMrs. Emma Pitt (Author)2
He is my Rock, in him I trustEmma Pitt (Author)2
Hear the music sweetly chantedEmma Pitt (Author)2
How can I live without JesusMrs. Emma Pitt (Author)7
How can our little help, we sayEmma Pitt (Author)2
How sweet the coming of the springEmma Pitt (Author)2
How sweet the song that rolls alongEmma Pitt (Author)2
I am saved in the blood of the dear Lamb of GodEmma Pitt (Author)3
I came to the fountain of mercy and loveEmma Pitt (Author)2
I fordom tid, da Isr'lEmma Pitt (Author)2
I have a crown, a kingly crownEmma Pitt (Author)2
I have a crown of jewels brightEmma Pitt (Author)4
I have friends across the riverEmma Pitt (Author)4
I hear the sweetest musicEmma Pitt (Author)3
I heard a mother singingEmma Pitt (Author)3
I heard the birdie chirpingEmma Pitt (Author)3
I hope to meet you all in gloryEmma Pitt (Author)English30
I know I'll see the glorious crownEmma Pitt (Author)3
I know I'm but a wayward childEmma Pitt (Author)2
I know that oft I wanderEmma Pitt (Author)2
I long to reach the shining shoreMrs. Emma Pitt (Author)3
I love the blessed BibleEmma Pitt (Author)5
I love the joyful ringingEmma Pitt (Author)2
I will compass thine altar with songsEmma Pitt (Author)3
I will praise him in my youthEmma Pitt (Author)2
I'm a little lamb of the Savior's foldEmma Pitt (Author)2
I'm a little pilgrim, toiling, toilingEmma Pitt (Author)2
I'm a little sunbeam, I know how to shineEmma Pitt (Author)4
I'm a little toiler, workingEmma Pitt (Author)3
I'm coming back to JesusEmma Pitt (Author)9
In ancient days, when Isr'l's hostEmma Pitt (Author)9
In the lonely watch by nightEmma Pitt (Author)4
Jesus knows my every sorrowEmma Pitt (Author)2
Jesus, lay thy gentle handEmma Pitt (Author)3
Jesus left his home on high (Pitt)Emma Pitt (Author)3
Jesus, my Savior, hear my cryEmma Pitt (Author)3
Judea's calm and silent nightEmma Pitt (Author)3
Just over the river I'm goingEmma Pitt (Author)1
Let us all be workersEmma Pitt (Author)3
List, I hear sweet strains of musicEmma Pitt (Author)2
List, I hear the angels singingEmma Pitt (Author)2
List, list, list, 'tis the angels singingEmma Pitt (Author)4
List, the glorious song resoundingEmma Pitt (Author)2
List, to the bugle callMrs. Emma Pitt (Author)2
Little birdie, come and seeEmma Pitt (Author)2
Little flowers, tender flowersEmma Pitt (Author)2
Little hearts, be earnestEmma Pitt (Author)2
Little helpless lambs are weEmma Pitt (Author)2
Little lambs dear Lord are weEmma Pitt (Author)2
Little lights for God are weEmma Pitt (Author)4
Look to the light that beams from the crossEmma Pitt (Author)1
Look up, O watchmanEmma Pitt (Author)2
Lost, but Jesus saved meMrs. Emma Pitt (Author)11
Meeting here in earthly templeEmma Pitt (Author)2
Never mind your earthly sorrowEmma Pitt (Author)4
O, come to the sweet watersEmma Pitt (Author)2
O have you not heard of that city of lightEmma Pitt (Author)5
O holy night so pure so calmEmma Pitt (Author)2
O how bright will the light of that blessed day shineEmma Pitt (Author)3
O how I love the Bible, sweet messenger of joyEmma Pitt (Author)4
O my heart is e'er burdened with sorrowEmma Pitt (Author)2
O praise the Savior's holy nameEmma Pitt (Author)4
O, sailor, on life's troubled seaEmma Pitt (Author)5
O sing once more the sweet old songEmma Pitt (Author)2
O sweetest words O, blessedEmma Pitt (Author)2
O the tender love of JesusEmma Pitt (Author)2
O 'tis not far to Jesus' loveEmma Pitt (Author)3
O we are little workers in the vineyard of the LordEmma Pitt (Author)2
O would you wear a starry crownEmma Pitt (Author)2
O ye who love the Master's causeEmma Pitt (Author)3
O ye who love the Savior's causeEmma Pitt (Author)1
O'er Bethlehem's bright and sunny plainEmma Pitt (Author)English6
O we are busy workers in the vineyardEmma Pitt (Author)3
Only a single penny, 'Tis all I have to giveEmma Pitt (Author)2
Only a tiny handful, Yes useful in its wayEmma Pitt (Author)2
Out in the desert my poor sheep have wanderedEmma Pitt (Author)2
Praise, O praise the great JehovahEmma Pitt (Author)3
Precious Savior all in allEmma Pitt (Author)2
Precious Savior far above meEmma Pitt (Author)3
Riches untold we may find at the throneEmma Pitt (Author)5
Ring out the anthem, Jesus livesEmma Pitt (Author)2
Room in thine arms, dear JesusEmma Pitt (Author)8
Safe to landEmma Pitt (Author)2
Savior, up in heaven aboveEmma Pitt (Author)2
See the snowflakes falling (Pitt)Emma Pitt (Author)2
Shall we all sing there togetherEmma Pitt (Author)3
Sing for Jesus, sing for JesusEmma Pitt (Author)6
Sing the notes of triumphEmma Pitt (Author)3
Sing your sweetest carolsEmma Pitt (Author)2
Singing on our journey to the heavenly landEmma Pitt (Author)2
Soon earth's storm will all be overEmma Pitt (Author)3
Still the mighty song is swellingMrs. Emma Pitt (Author)3
Striving to follow the footsteps of JesusEmma Pitt (Author)5
Sweet fields of Eden, I long to beholdEmma Pitt (Author)2
Take me, Jesus, as I am weak and helpless little lambEmma Pitt (Author)3
The banner of victory we hoistEmma Pitt (Author)2
The birds are singing sweetlyEmma Pitt (Author)2
The Christmas bells are ringing, Yes, ringing everywhereEmma Pitt (Author)8
The door of his mercy stands openEmma Pitt (Author)2
The leafy branch bends to the breezeEmma Pitt (Author)2
The love of Jesus is my song (Pitt)Emma Pitt (Author)2
The voice of the Spirit is wooingEmma Pitt (Author)7
There are no tears in heavenEmma Pitt (Author)3
There is a brighter skyEmma Pitt (Author)2
There is peace and joy and safetyMiss Emma Pitt (Author)2
There rose in the east a beautiful starMrs. Emma Pitt (Author)3
There was a little loving childEmma Pitt (Author)2
There's a beautiful lighthouse, 'way over the mainEmma Pitt (Author)3
There's a beautiful river of water so pureEmma Pitt (Author)3
There's a cunning, little thieverEmma Pitt (Author)3
There's a sweet, a bright foreverEmma Pitt (Author)10
There's a sweet bright foreverEmma Pitt (Author)2
There's beautiful lighthouseEmma Pitt (Author)2
Though I am but a little childEmma Pitt (Author)3
Up to thee, O gentle SaviorEmma Pitt (Author)3
We are coming, gladly comingEmma Pitt (Author)4
We are little armor bearersEmma Pitt (Author)2
We are little stars for JesusEmma Pitt (Author)3
We are little workersEmma Pitt (Author)2
We are the Savior's dear onesEmma Pitt (Author)2
We are young and very helplessEmma Pitt (Author)2
We come, with sweetestEmma Pitt (Author)2
We dearly love the Sabbath moreEmma Pitt (Author)2
We shall walk the realms of gloryEmma Pitt (Author)8
We sing the same sweet tidingsMrs. Emma Pitt (Author)2
We would sing of Jesus' loveEmma Pitt (Author)2
Welcome, thrice welcome, glorious mornEmma Pitt (Author)2
Welcome, welcome, children singEmma Pitt (Author)2
We're a band of happy children, As we come unto TheeEmma Pitt (Author)2
We're over on the stormy [life's stormy] [the other] sideEmma Pitt (Author)10
We've started on our journeyEmma Pitt (Author)3
What a glorious burst of raptureEmma Pitt (Author)3
What have I ever done for JesusEmma Pitt (Author)8
What is birdie doingEmma Pitt (Author)5
What is the message that comes with morningEmma Pitt (Author)3
What is this music, this soul stirring musicEmma Pitt (Author)4
What though the solid rocks be rentEmma Pitt (Author)1
What will you do when the snowflakes comeEmma Pitt (Author)3
When early morn shall greet my eyesEmma Pitt (Author)2
When I tune my harp in gloryEmma Pitt (Author)4
When the everlasting portalsEmma Pitt (Author)2
When the storms of life are overEmma Pitt (Author)2
While walking by the mossy bankEmma Pitt (Author)5
Who holds the golden gates ajarEmma Pitt (Author)2
Who made the little birdieEmma Pitt (Author)2
With victory's banner we're marchingEmma Pitt (Author)2
Yes, with his tender watchcareEmma Pitt (Author)4
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