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Josephine Pollard

Josephine Pollard
Short Name: Josephine Pollard
Full Name: Pollard, Josephine, 1834-1892
Birth Year: 1834
Death Year: 1892

Josephine Pollard USA 1834-1892. Born at NYC, NY, one of seven children and daughter of an architect, she attended an exclusive girls school, Spingler Institute, and was a lifelong member of the Presbyterian Church. She was a founding member of the professional women’s club, Sorosis. She never married. She became an author, poet, and hymnist, writing many children’s books and for children’s magazines, including Harper’s, Scribner’s, and the New York Ledger. She wrote 44 books, mostly religious, for children, but also about history, birds, sports and games, and adventure stories. She also wrote 100+ hymn lyrics as well. She worked as an editor for the Sunday School Times and for the Methodist Book Concern, where she edited a magazine for African Americans. Her children’s books include: “History of the U.S.” (1884); “The life of George Washington” ; “The life of Christ for young people”; “History of the New Testament in words of one syllable” (1899); “History of the Old Testament in words of one syllable” (1899); “Bible stories for children” (1899). She was in poor health in her latter years. She died at NYC, NY.

John Perry

Pollard, Josephine, born in New York, circa 1840, is the author of (1) "I stood outside the gate" (Lent), (2) "Joy-bells ringing, Children singing" (Joy) in I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs and Solos, 1878.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by Josephine Pollard (110)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A little maiden to our doorJosepine Pollard (Author)3
A sweet young child upon its mother's breastJosephine Pollard (Author)2
All my life long have my steps been attendedJosepine Pollard (Author)English11
Am Gnadenthor stand ichJosephine Pollard (Author)German1
Arbeit ist noch viel zu tunJosephine Pollard (Author)German1
Arouse, arouse, from your slumbersJosepine Pollard (Author)2
At last the chains are brokenJosepine Pollard (Author)2
Awake, arouse, and send a glance afarJosepine Pollard (Author)2
Beyond the sunset's radiant glow, There is a brighter world, I knowJosepine Pollard (Author)English26
Brother, take thy cross and bear itJosepine Pollard (Author)English9
Come, leave your delicious libationsJosephine Pollard (Author)2
Down from Calvary they bore himJosepine Pollard (Author)2
Five cents a glass, and do you thinkJosephine Pollard (Author)English2
Frail is my bark and stormy is the oceanJosephine Pollard (Author)English5
Full of sin though I may beJosephine Pollard (Author)English7
Hail, all hail, A glorious light has arisenJosepine Pollard (Author)3
Heavenly Father, grant thy blessing on the duties (Pollard)Josepine Pollard (Author)English4
His name we love to hearJosepine Pollard (Author)2
I always go to JesusJosepine Pollard (Author)English6
I choose to follow Jesus all the wayJosephine Pollard (Author)English3
I come to Thee, I come to Thee, When from the world I long to fleeJosepine Pollard (Author)English3
I envy not the regal stateJosephine Pollard (Author)2
I have work enough to do, Ere the sun goes downJosepine Pollard (Author)English40
I must not walk in the way of sinJosephine Pollard (Author)4
I stood outside the gateJosepine Pollard (Author)English37
I was but a little lambJosepine Pollard (Author)English6
I was lost, in darkness strayingJosephine Pollard (Author)English2
If any habit hold you fastJosepine Pollard (Author)2
If thy days are full of sorrowJosepine Pollard (Author)3
I'll give my heart to Jesus, to JesusJosephine Pollard (Author)2
In the darkest hour, That my heart may knowJosephine Pollard (Author)English17
In those beautiful mansions of gloryJosephine Pollard (Author)English4
Jesus, my Savior, cleanse me from sinJosephine Pollard (Author)English5
Journeying onward, every dayJosepine Pollard (Author)English5
Joybells ringing, children singingJosepine Pollard (Author)English26
Jubelklänge, Festgesänge, Nah und ferne froher SchallJosephine Pollard (Author)German1
Lo! the fields are white to harvest; Who will thrust the sickle in?Josepine Pollard (Author)English5
Long ago my Savior sought meJosephine Pollard (Author)English2
Look to Jesus, weary one, full of anguish, full of griefJosepine Pollard (Author)English16
Lord, my heart is very weakJosepine Pollard (Author)5
March along together, Ever firm and trueJosepine Pollard (Author)English9
My Master has given me workJosephine Pollard (Author)3
Nearer the fount of Jesus' loveJosephine Pollard (Author)English3
No night so dark, No day so drearJosephine Pollard (Author)English2
O blest was the hour when my wandering heartJosephine Pollard (Author)English2
O dear, cried he, who rules belowJosepine Pollard (Author)2
O it is joy to believeJosephine Pollard (Author)2
O be joyful all ye landsJosephine Pollard (Author)English9
On, brothers, on to meet the foe that we abhor!Josepine Pollard (Author)English4
One by one, the saints are goingJosephine Pollard (Author)2
Our Savior, our RedeemerMiss J. Pollard (Author)2
Out on the highways wherever we goJosephine Pollard (Author)English12
Over and over again, no matter which way I turnJosephine Pollard (Author)English2
Over the tide, over the tideJosephine Pollard (Author)2
Peaceful heart, O what joyJosephine Pollard (Author)2
See the earth from bondage breakingJosepine Pollard (Author)3
Shall we anchor in the harborJosepine Pollard (Author)6
Sing away, sing awayJosephine Pollard (Author)2
Sweet the Sabbath morningJosepine Pollard (Author)5
Tell us something more of the love of JesusJosephine Pollard (Author)English10
The beauteous stars that shineJosepine Pollard (Author)5
The flowers drink their morning draughtJosephine Pollard (Author)4
The little break that glides alongJosepine Pollard (Author)2
The morning hours are few and fleetJosepine Pollard (Author)2
The morning is fairJosepine Pollard (Author)2
The streets of the city are fullJosephine Pollard (Author)English4
The tears that fall from eyesJosephine Pollard (Author)English2
There are lights by the shore of that countryJosepine Pollard (Author)English25
There is poison in the cupJosepine Pollard (Author)3
There is work enough to doJosepine Pollard (Author)2
There's a land where sorrow comesJosephine Pollard (Author)2
There's always a river to cross, Always an effort to makeJosephine Pollard (Author)English2
There's many a trouble would burst like a bubbleJosephine Pollard (Author)English2
Though many crave the flowing bowlJosepine Pollard (Author)2
Through the stillness of the eveningJosepine Pollard (Author)2
'Tis but little we can do, Jesus to repayJosepine Pollard (Author)2
'Tis indeed, a pleasant sightJosepine Pollard (Author)4
'Tis the Savior who would claimJosepine Pollard (Author)English24
'Tis thy love that brings me nearerJosephine Pollard (Author)2
To meet the glad echoes our voices we raiseJosepine Pollard (Author)English9
To the humble soul that is bornJosepine Pollard (Author)3
Turn your glasses down, boysJosepine Pollard (Author)2
We are young, we are youngJosephine Pollard (Author)2
We come, we come, without delayJosephine Pollard (Author)4
We gather here a pilgrim bandJosepine Pollard (Author)4
We gather in this dear retreatJosepine Pollard (Author)2
We have heard of a cityJosepine Pollard (Author)2
We must never grow wearyJosephine Pollard (Author)8
We must toil in the heat of the dayJosepine Pollard (Author)6
We must work and pray together, Working, praying for the rightJosepine Pollard (Author)English12
We must work and strive togetherJosephine Pollard (Author)2
We never shall be happy if we walk the ways of sinJosephine Pollard (Author)English5
We praise Thee, we bless Thee, our Father and FriendJosepine Pollard (Author)English5
We walk in a shaded pathJosepine Pollard (Author)2
Welcome, welcome (Pollard)Josephine Pollard (Author)2
We'll praise his name who reigns aboveJosepine Pollard (Author)2
Wenn das Ufer wir erreichtJosephine Pollard (Author)German1
We're growing stronger every dayJosephine Pollard (Author)3
Were it not for Thee, my SaviorJosepine Pollard (Author)English8
We're on the road that leads alongJosepine Pollard (Author)3
We're wandering [marching] through a wildernessJosephine Pollard (Author)English7
What have I done to show my love, For Jesus, for JesusJosepine Pollard (Author)English6
When all the world seems drearJosepine Pollard (Author)2
When by thoughts of sinJosepine Pollard (Author)English3
When these weary days are overJosepine Pollard (Author)6
When we've crossed the jasper sea (Pollard)Josephine Pollard (Author)English14
When you see the ruddy wine, touch it notJosepine Pollard (Author)2
Why wilt thou not relent?Josephine Pollard (Author)English6
Within God's temple now we meet, To praise His holy nameJosepine Pollard (Author)English3
You're a proper nice young manJosepine Pollard (Author)2

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