Thomas Benson Pollock

Thomas Benson Pollock
From the book "Father Pollock and His Brother." 1911
Short Name: Thomas Benson Pollock
Full Name: Pollock, Thomas Benson, 1839-1896
Birth Year: 1839
Death Year: 1896

Pollock, Thomas Benson, M.A., was born in 1836, and graduated at Trinity College, Dublin, B.A. 1859, M.A. 1863, where he also gained the Vice-Chancellor's Prize for English Verse in 1855. Taking Holy Orders in 1861, he was Curate of St. Luke's, Leek, Staffordshire; St. Thomas's, Stamford Hill, London; and St. Alban's, Birmingham. Mr. Pollock is a most successful writer of metrical Litanies. His Metrical Litanies for Special Services and General Use, Mowbray, Oxford, 1870, and other compositions of the same kind contributed subsequently to various collections, have greatly enriched modern hymnbooks. To the 1889 Supplemental Hymns to Hymns Ancient & Modern, Mr. Pollock contributed two hymns, “We are soldiers of Christ, Who is mighty to save" (Soldiers of Christ), and "We have not known Thee as we ought" (Seeking God), but they are by no means equal to his Litanies in beauty and finish.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Pollock, T. B. , 900, i. We note:—
1. God of mercy, loving all. Litany for Quinquagesima. In the Gospeller, 1872.
2. Great Creator, Lord of all. Holy Trinity. In the Gospeller, 1876.
3. Holy Saviour, hear me; on Thy Name I call. Litany of the Contrite. In the Gospeller, 1870. From it "Faithful Shepherd, feed me in the pastures green," is taken.
4. Jesu, in Thy dying woes, p. 678, ii. 36. Given in Thring's Collection, 1882, in 7 parts, was written for the Gos¬peller.
5. My Lord, my Master, at Thy feet adoring. Passiontide. Translation of "Est-ce vous quo je vois, 6 mon Maître adorable!" (text in Moorsom's Historical Comp. to Hymns Ancient & Modern, 1889, p. 266), by Jacques Bridaine, b. 1701, d. 1767. Moorsom says he was born. at Chuselay, near Uzes, in Languedoc, and was a Priest in the French Church. The translation made in 1887 was included in the 1889 Supplemental Hymns to Hymns Ancient & Modern.
6. We are soldiers of Christ, p. 900, i. In the Gospeller, 1875.
7. Weep not for Him Who onward bears. Passiontide. No. 495 in the 1889 Suppl. Hymns to Hymns Ancient & Modern is part of a hymn in the Gospeller, 1870.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by Thomas Benson Pollock (58)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Be thou with us every dayT. B. Pollock (Author)4
Blessed Jesu, far awayT. B. Pollock (Author)1
By the gracious saving callThomas Benson Pollock (Author)English10
Come to raise us when we fallThomas B. Pollock (Author)3
Comforter, to whom we oweT. B. Pollock (Author)2
Cradled in a manger, In a stable bareT. B. Pollack (Author)1
Everlasting, infinite, wisdom, glory, love and mightT. B. Pollock (Author)2
Faithful Shepherd, feed meThomas Benson Pollock (Author)English38
Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.Thomas Benson Pollock (Author)English6
Father, from Thy Throne on highThomas Benson Pollock (Author)4
Father, hear Thy children's callT. B. Pollock (Author)English82
Father, whose creating handThomas B. Pollock (Author)English2
God of Love, to Thee we oweT. B. Pollock (Author)2
God, on heaven's eternal throneT. B. Pollock (Author)1
God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit Three in One, Hear us from Thy heavenly ThroneT. B. Pollock (Author)10
God the Father, God the Son (Pollock)Rev. T. B. Pollock (Author)17
God the Father, throned on highThomas Benson Pollock (Author)6
God, whose sheltering arms are thrownT. B. Pollock (Author)2
Grant us faith to know thee nearThomas B. Pollock (Author)2
Great Creator, Lord of allThomas Benson Pollock (Author)English10
Heavenly Father, from thy throneThomas Benson Pollock (Author)10
Heavenly Father, Lord of all, Low before Thy throne we fallT. B. Pollock (Author)3
Holy Savior, hear me, on thy name I callThomas Benson Pollock (Author)2
Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, Dew descending from aboveThomas B. Pollock (Author)English5
Jesu, in Thy dying woesThomas B. Pollock (Author)English64
Jesus all our ransom paidThomas Benson Pollock (Author)8
Jesus all thy labor vastThomas Benson Pollock (Author)5
Jesus be with us todayThomas Benson Pollock (Author)2
Jesus from thy heavenly homeThomas Benson Pollock (Author)2
Jesus from thy heavenly throneT. B. Pollock (Author)3
Jesus [Father], from thy throne on high, Far above the bright blue skyThomas Benson Pollock (Author)English94
Jesus from his throne on highT. B. Pollock (Author)1
Jesus, in thy thirst and painThomas Benson Pollock (Author)4
Jesus, loving to the endThomas B. Pollock (Author)6
Jesus, once an infant smallRev. T. B. Pollock (Author)9
Jesus, pitying the sighsThomas B. Pollock (Author)3
Jesus, Son of God most highThomas B. Pollock (Author)15
Jesus, thy great power we knowThomas Benson Pollock (Author)2
Jesus, we are far awayT. B. Pollock (Author)13
Jesus, whelmed in fears unknownThomas B. Pollock (Author)6
Jesu, with Thy Church abideThomas Benson Pollock (Author)English88
Little lives may be divineThomas Benson Pollock (Author)2
May Thy Church our shelter beThomas B. Pollock (Author)English2
May we prize the Christian nameT. B. Pollock (Author)3
My Lord, My Master, At Thy Feet AdoringThomas Benson Pollock (Translator)English25
Oh Jesús, que en to dolorThomas Benson Pollock, 1836-1896 (Author)Spanish2
"Padre, perdónalos, porque no saben lo que hacen."Thomas Benson Pollock, 1836-1896 (Author)Spanish3
求主住在教會中 (Qiú zhǔ zhù zài jiàohuì zhōng)Thomas Benson Pollock (Author)Chinese2
Spirit blest, who art adoredThomas B. Pollock (Author)English22
Spirit of the Only WiseThomas Benson Pollock (Author)3
Spirit, strength of all the weakT. B. Pollock, 1836-1896 (Author)English19
Teach us what thy love has borneThomas Benson Pollock (Author)English9
The Father's sole begotten SonThomas B. Pollock (Translator (from Latin))English2
We are dying day by dayThomas Benson Pollock (Author)5
We are soldiers of Christ, who is mighty to saveThomas Benson Pollock (Author)14
We have not known thee as we oughtT. B. Pollock (Author)English42
Weep not for Him who onward bearsThomas B. Pollock (Author)English6
Who the multitudes can number Thomas B. Pollock (Translator (from Latin))5
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