John Quarles

John Quarles
Short Name: John Quarles
Full Name: Quarles, John, 1624-1665
Birth Year: 1624
Death Year: 1665

Quarles, John, son of Francis Quarles, was born in Essex in 1624, and was educated at Exeter College, Oxford. He bore arms within the garrison at Oxford on behalf of Charles I. and subsequently (it is said) he was raised to the rank of captain in the King's service. On the downfall of the King, Quarles retired to London, and devoted himself to literature for a livelihood. He died there during the great Plague, 1665. He published several works including (1) Jeremiah's Lamentations Paraphrased, with Divine Meditations, 1648; and (2) Divine Meditations upon Several Subjects whereunto is annexed God's Love to Man’s Unworthiness, with several Divine Ejaculations. London, 1655 (Wood's Athenae Oxon.). From the Ejaculation, Mr. Darling adapted two hymns for his Hymns for the Church of England. In the 1889 ed. these are:— “O King of kings, before Whose Throne" (Holy Trinity); and "O Thou Who sitt'st in heaven and seest" (Visitation of Sick).

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by John Quarles (148)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Accept, O God, my holy firesJohn Quarles (Author)2
Be gracious, Lord, unto my griefJohn Quarles (Author)2
Be thou, my trust, my God, and IJohn Quarles (Author)2
Behold my right, and right my wrongJohn Quarles (Author)2
Direct my steps, Lord, be my wayJohn Quarles (Author)2
Direct, O God, the judge's breastJohn Quarles (Author)2
Eternal God, before whose eyesJohn Quarles (Author)2
Eternal Maker, grant that weJohn Quarles (Author)2
For Zion's sake I will not rest, I will not hold my peaceBickersteth's Col. (Author)8
Fountain of knowledge, living breathJohn Quarles (Author)English2
Fountain of light and living breathJ. Quarles (Author)9
Give me the heart, O God to trustJohn Quarles (Author)2
Glorious Creator, once more thineJohn Quarles (Author)2
Good God, thy mercy and thy mightJohn Quarles (Author)2
Good God, where ere I cast mine eyesJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great God, my strength, at whose commandJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great God of gods, great King of kingsJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great God of wonders, that dost opeJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great God, the work of whose high handsJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great God, thy garden is defacedJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great God to whom all praise belongsJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great God, whom fools deny, how dareJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great God, whose ever wakefull eyeJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great God, whose goodness doth repleateJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great God whose kingdom hath no endJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great God whose promise is to hearJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great God, whose scepter rules the earthJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great king of glory, who are dressedJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great King of peace, be pleased to sendJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great Lord of wonders, thou by whomJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great Monarch of the world, discloseJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great Prince of Peace, whose kingdom bringsJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great Shepherd of my soul, thy handJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great Son of the eternal GodJohn Quarles (Author)2
Great spring, from whence all mercy flowsJohn Quarles (Author)2
Hearer of prayers, confound my foesJohn Quarles (Author)2
Hearer of prayers, to whom should IJohn Quarles (Author)2
Highest of highest, that dost raiseJohn Quarles (Author)2
If it be so that we must fightJohn Quarles (Author)2
In all extremes, Lord. thou art stillJohn Quarles, -1665 (Author)3
Judge not my actions by thy lawsJohn Quarles (Author)2
Just God of vengeance, cast an eyeJohn Quarles (Author)2
Just judge of earth, in whom we trustJohn Quarles (Author)2
Kindle, O Lord, my love with zealJohn Quarles (Author)2
Let every wonder that I seeJohn Quarles (Author)2
Let my confession lanch my soreJohn Quarles (Author)2
Let others boast in gold, and prizeJohn Quarles (Author)2
Let shame be their due recompenseJohn Quarles (Author)2
Light thou the lamps, great God, that theyJohn Quarles (Author)2
Long did I toil and knew no earthly restJ. Quarles, 1624-65 (Author)5
Lord, cast thine eyes upon thy foesJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, cleanse my heart, and guide my tongueJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, crush my lion hearted foesJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, curb my tongue, and make me seeJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, every creature writes a storyJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, give me a believing heartJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord God, from whom all mercy springsJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord God of gods, before whose throneJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, guide my footsteps in thy truthJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, hear my troubled voice, and bringJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, help me when my griefs do callJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, hide me from my bloody foesJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, how I long to see thy faceJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, if mine eyes should look too highJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, if my tongue and busy quillJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, if our enemies increaseJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, if thou take away thy handJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, if thy flame must needs be feltJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, if thy mercies purge my heartJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, if thy pleasure make me poorJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, in thy wrath correct me notJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, keep me from my self that amJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, keep me from those hearts and tonguesJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, keep me just and judge my rightJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, leave us not too long a spaceJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, let mine eyes not sleep untilJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, let our Jesus, and thy ChristJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, let the evening of my griefJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, let the fire of my true zealJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, let the morning of my griefJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, let the praises of thy powerJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, let the sunshine of thy faceJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, let thy favor still inflameJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, let thy fury cease to burnJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, let thy judgments fill all thoseJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, let thy name secure and freeJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, let thy sacred fire thawJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, let thy wonders, and thy waysJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, make the torments we endureJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, our fathers found redressJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, plant my fear before my eyesJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, plant my fears within my breastJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, plead my cause, and right my wrongJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, purge my heart, and clense my handJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, purge my soul, that I may learnJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, right my wrongs, and plead my rightJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, rise in power within my heartJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, save me from my foes; make voidJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, season my unsavory spiritJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, shouldst thou punish every sinJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, since there must be always foesJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, teach me to renown thy nameJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, teach me wisely to contemnJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, teach my heart to walk uprightJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, teach my humble eyes the artJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, teach my reins, that in the nightJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, teach our loyal hearts to buildJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, teach us timely how to prayJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, thou that hoardst thy grace for thoseJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, thou that madst me, and dost pryJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, thou that underneath thy wingJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, thou whose equal hand allaysJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, thou whose mercies do exceedJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, thou whose mercies fail not thoseJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, though we feel the bitter tasteJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, we are captives, and we bowJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, we are several members joinedJohn Quarles (Author)2
Lord, when my grief shall find a tongueJohn Quarles (Author)2
My God, full tears are all the dietJohn Quarles (Author)2
My God, thy mercies so aboundJohn Quarles (Author)2
My God, whose fear drives fear awayJohn Quarles (Author)2
My Jesus, thou that wert no lessJohn Quarles (Author)2
O God, be thou my living rockJohn Quarles (Author)2
O God, how poor a thing is manJohn Quarles (Author)2
O God, remit thy peoples' sinJohn Quarles (Author)2
O God, the malice of my foesJohn Quarles (Author)2
O God, the mountains and the seasJohn Quarles (Author)2
O God, to whom thy thoughts directJohn Quarles (Author)2
O God, whose dreadful voice like thunderJohn Quarles (Author)2
O God, whose judgements are severeJohn Quarles (Author)2
O King of kings, before whose throneJohn Quarles (Author)6
O Lord my judgement's dark, and blindJohn Quarles (Author)2
O Lord whose mercies, and whose pathsJohn Quarles (Author)2
O Thou that sittest in heaven, and seestJohn Quarles (Author)2
O thou whose mercy did beginJohn Quarles (Author)2
O thou, within whose tender breastJohn Quarles (Author)2
Shall frost and snow give praise to theeJohn Quarles (Author)2
Shall mountain, desert, beast, and treeJohn Quarles (Author)2
Surpassing Lord, whose mercies have surpastJohn Quarles (Author)2
Thou gracious hearer of requestsJohn Quarles (Author)2
Thou righteous hearer of requestsJohn Quarles (Author)2
Though thousands here, ten thousands thereJohn Quarles (Author)2
To that sweet Lamb, which did sustainJohn Quarles (Author)2
What I possess, or what I craveJohn Quarles (Author)2
What is there, Lord, what is in meJohn Quarles (Author)2
When Jesus comes to earthJohn Quarles (Author)2
When winter fortunes cloud the browsJohn Quarles (Author)2
Zion [Sion], the glory of all the earthJohn Quarles (Author)2
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