Will M. Ramsey

Will M. Ramsey
Short Name: Will M. Ramsey
Full Name: Ramsey, Will M., 1872-1939
Birth Year: 1872
Death Year: 1939

William Morgan Ramsey Born: Au­gust 24, 1872, Bel­ton, Tex­as. Died: March 12, 1939, Lit­tle Rock, Ar­kan­sas. Buried: Rose­lawn Ce­me­te­ry, Lit­tle Rock, Ar­kan­sas. Will was the son of Charles Crump Ram­sey and Mar­tha Ann Fran­ces Burns. He mar­ried twice, to Vir­gie Ce­lem­ma Stat­ton and Will­ie Man­na­sas Law­ing. Ramsey moved with his fa­mi­ly to north­west Ar­kan­sas as a child. He stu­died mu­sic in Nor­mal schools un­der Eph­ra­im Hil­de­brand, Ste­phen Os­lin, and Ben­ja­min Un­seld. He be­gan teach­ing shape notes and sing­ing while still a teen­ag­er, and be­came well known in sing­ing schools through­out the Am­er­i­can South. He went on to be­come pre­si­dent and own­er of the Cen­tral Mu­sic Com­pa­ny in Lit­tle Rock.

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Texts by Will M. Ramsey (76)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A battle rages o'er the landWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Alas, and did my Savior bleedW. M. B. (Arranger)English1
Amid all the trials of life's varied changesWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
As I strolled about one day amond the tombsWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
As I struggle along on life's rugged roadWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
As you travel on your way (Ramsey)William M. Ramsey (Author)2
Bend low thine ear, O gracious LordWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Beyond description is God's wondrous loveWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Christ our Lord is always faithful, loving Shepherd tried and trueWill M. Ramsey (Author)English2
Come and join our happy bandWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)1
Eternity, eternity, what will it mean to you and me?Will M. Ramsey (Author)English2
Every day, every hour, I am under the powerW. M. R. (Author)9
Far away in realms of blissWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)3
From the dark, lonely graveWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)3
Glory, hallelujah, I shall not be movedW. M. R. (Arranger)English1
God gave his own begotten SonWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
How I love to sing and tell the storyWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
I am on my way to heaven, my transgressions are forgivenWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
I am on my way to the land of lightWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)3
I do not fear the life beyondWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
I have a song I am singingWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
I know not the day whenWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
I seem to hear sweet voices callingWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
If the Savior, at his comingWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
I'm going to travel the Zion roadWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
I'm only on a sojourn hereWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
I'm thinking of the future stateWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
In the Bible we read of the wages of sinWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)3
In the evening of life near the endWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Jesus calls you and he wants to save youWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Jesus has saved my soul, made it completelyWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Jesus saves me, I knowWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Just now, just now, Spirit of GodWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Let us all sing, merrily singWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
O blessed RedeemerWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
O blessed thought sweet rest will comeWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)English25
O Lord, show my feet which way to goWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
O papa, why don't you stop drinkingWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)3
On the plains of glory many loved ones waitWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
On the resurrection morning (Ramsey)William M. Ramsey (Author)2
On the way home to gloryWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Peter lovest thou meWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Ring out glory bells o'er mountain and plainWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Rocking on the billowsW. M. R. (Author)4
Sinner, come to Christ today, come, O comeWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Sinner, come to Christ today, there is danger inWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Some day the silver cord must severWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Sometimes I'm sad and lonelyWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)3
Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down, O yes, Lord!W. M. R. (Arranger)English1
Sometimes when misgivings darken the dayWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)33
Sweet the gospel bells are chiming all the dayWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Tell me when the Savior comesWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
The gospel tide is rolling highWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)5
The old world needs the powerWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
There is a home beyond the seaW. M. R. (Author)2
There is a land of glory bright as day where the redeemedWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
There is a stream of lifeWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
There is no other way for the sin burdened soulWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
There's a message of loveWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
Through the conflict, the commotion that engulfs the world todayW. M. R. (Author)English2
'Tis the story grand and true William M. Ramsey (Author)7
Travel in the upward wayWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)4
We are on our journey to a blessed countryWill W. Ramsey (Author)5
We pray thee, O God, for power todayWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
We shall reach the land on the golden strandWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
We're marching alongWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)1
What a meeting that will be in the home beyond the seaWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)English2
When doubts arise, To cloud my skiesWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
When Jesus calls me fromt his worldWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
When the Lord shall come in glory, In the clouds from Heav'n descendingW. M. R. (Author)5
When the saved of all the agesWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
When the storm of life is raging wildWill M. Ramsey (Author)English2
When the tempests of life overwhelm youWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
When the trumpet sounds on the judgment dayWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)2
When we come to cross the chilly stream of deathWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)English7
While on life's journey here belowWilliam M. Ramsey (Author)7
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