William Watkins Reid, Jr.

William Watkins Reid, Jr.
Short Name: William Watkins Reid, Jr.
Full Name: Reid, William Watkins, Jr. 1923-2007
Birth Year: 1923
Death Year: 2007

William W. Reid, Jr. (1923-2007), after graduating from Oberlin College and Seminary and Yale Divinity School served for more than fifty years as pastor in the Wyoming Conference in rural and inner-city Methodist churches. He served on the Executive Committee of The Hymn Society of America. He was involved in social issues, serving as a councilman and county commissioner. His hymns are widely published in hymnals of many denominations.

Mary Louise VanDyke

William W. Reid, Jr. is pastor of the Methodist Church Circuit at Carverton, Pennsylvania. He previously served in a similar capacity at Camptown in the same State. He is a graduate of the Yale Divinity School and Oberlin College. He served during World War II in the Medical Corps and was held prisoner by the Germans for eight months. He is the author of several hymns including those in "Fourteen New Rural Hymns" and "Twelve New World Order Hymns" published by the Hymn Society.

----Fifteen New Christian Education Hymns, 1959. Used by permission.

William Watkins Reid, Jr., is currently pastor of Central United Methodist Church, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Wyoming Annual Conference and has been active on its Social Concerns, Town and Country, and Evangelism boards, and on the Pennsylvania Council of Churches.

----Twelve New Lord’s Day Hymns, 1968. Used by permission.

[Reid] is an executive committee member of the Hymn Society of America, and is the author of a number of hymns that have been published in hymnals in the United States, Canada, England, and in South Africa. As a council man he is concern with the ecology of Wyoming Valley (Penn. and N.Y.) and with the rebuilding of Wilkes-Barre after the disastrous flood of 1972.

--16 New Hymns on the Stewardship of the Environment [Ecology] , 1973. Used by permission.

Texts by William Watkins Reid, Jr. (17)sort descendingAsInstances
America, how great the dreamWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)3
Eternal Christ, who kneelingWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)2
Forgive us, Lord, for shallow thankfulnessWilliam Watkins Reid Sr., 1890- (Author)2
Give thanks, my soul, for harvestWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)1
God of Earth and planets,William Watkins Reid, Jr., 1923 - (Author)1
[God's Glory Compassed Earth that Night]William Watkins Reid (Author)2
Help us, O Lord, to learn William W. Reid, Jr. (Author)19
Lord, at Your table kneelingWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)3
Lord, who took the little childrenWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)3
Mountain brook with rushing watersWilliam W. Reid, Jr. (Author)4
O God and Father of us all Whate'er our race or creedWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)4
O God of every nationWilliam Watkins Reid, 1923- (Author)29
O God of hill and mountainWilliam W. Reid, Jr. (Author)4
O God who shaped creationWilliam W. Reid, Jr. (Author)3
O thou God of light all-splendoredWilliam Watkins Reid, Jr. (Author)2
The city is alive, O GodWilliam W. Reid, Jr. (Author)9
Thy presence, Lord, brought joy and splendorWilliam Watkins Reid (Author)4
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