Elton Menno Roth

Short Name: Elton Menno Roth
Full Name: Roth, Elton Menno, 1891-1951
Birth Year: 1891
Death Year: 1951
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Texts by Elton Menno Roth (21)sort descendingAsInstances
怎能叫我不愛主?(Zěn néng jiào wǒ bù ài zhǔ)Elton M. Roth (Author)2
Come unto me, said Jesus, Ye that would be blessedElton M. Roth (Author)2
Dear Lord, I place my hand in thineElton M. Roth (Author)2
Down from his splendor in glory he cameElton M. Roth, 1891-1951 (Author)20
From the garden of GethsemaneElton M. Roth (Author)2
Heavens portals soon I'll seeE. R. (Author)2
His love is like a river flowingElton M. Roth (Author)2
I have a song that Jesus gave meElton M. Roth, 1891-1951 (Author)73
I have found a friend so very dearElton M. Roth (Author)2
I'm traveling home on the pilgrim roadElton M. Roth (Author)3
In my heart there rings - Jesus, Jesus Jesus!Elton Menno Roth (Author)2
Jesus left the splendent realms of gloryElton M. Roth (Author)2
List to the Savior's pleading voiceElton Menno Roth (Author)6
Love amazing now enthralls my beingElton M. Roth (Author)2
Out in the fields all goldenElton M. Roth (Author)2
There is music in my heart todayE. M. R. (Author)3
Though we journey the pathway that leads through the nightE. M. R. (Author)4
Walking with my Savior I have joy todayElton M. Roth (Author)2
We are workers for the KingElton M. Roth (Author)1
We would be the sunshine makersElton M. Roth (Author)2
What a sacred hour when I felt his powerElton M. Roth (Author)2
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