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William Sanders

Short Name: William Sanders
Full Name: Sanders, William, 1799-
Birth Year: 1799

Sanders, William, a Primitive Methodist minister, who was alive in 1881, but concerning whom we have no later information, left the home connexion after some years of labour, and undertook pastoral duty at Pottsville, U.S.A., in 1838. In the early days of the Primitive Methodist movement Sanders assisted H. Bourne (p. 165, i.) in compiling the hymn-books for the use of the Connexion. In hymn-writing they often worked together, and numerous hymns in the old collections of the denomination are signed jointly as, "H. B. & W. S.," and again as “W. S. & H. B." In the Primitive Methodist Hymnal of 1887 the following hymns are by him from the Collection of Hymns for Camp Meetings, &c, 1821, in which they are signed "W. S.":—
1. Behold, what wondrous love and grace. The Love of God.
2. Servants of the great Jehovah. Missions.
3. We seek a glorious rest above. Seeking Heaven.
4. Where shall my soul begin to sing? Love of Jesus. In the Primitive Methodist Large Hymn Book, 1824, the following,
also in their Hymnal of 1887, are signed jointly by Bourne and Sanders:—
5. While passing through this vale of woe. Death Anticipated.
6. Why do I wander from my God? Lent.
At p. 165, ii., "Hark! the Gospel news is sounding," is attributed to Bourne and Sanders jointly. In the Large Hymn Book, 1824, the signature is "H. B. & W. S." Why Dorricott and Collins attribute this hymn in their Lyric Studies solely to Sanders we cannot say.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by William Sanders (198)sort descendingAsInstances
A mourner at thy feet beholdW. S. (Author)2
A Pharisee unwisely stoodW. S. (Author)2
Abel, the shepherd, was sincereW. S. (Author)2
Abr'ham arose at God's commandW. S. (Author)2
Again in Jesus' name we meetW. S. (Author)2
Again, O Lord, we're met to prayW. S. (Author)2
Again, thou sinners' FriendW. S. (Author)2
Alas! how frail are we!W. S. (Author)2
Almighty and Eternal GodW. S. (Author)2
Almighty Father, God of love, Ancient of endless daysW. S. (Author)2
Almighty God, in Persons threeW. S. (Author)2
Almighty God of love divineW. S. (Author)2
Arise, O Zion, rise and shine! Thy Maker gives commandW. S. (Author)2
As pilgrims in this vale of woeW. S. (Author)2
Assist us, O almightly LordW. S. (Author)2
At God's command, who made the skiesW. S. (Author)2
At times we find it hard to partW. S. (Author)2
Attend, ye nations all aroundW. S. (Author)2
Be present at our lovefeast, LordW. S. (Author)2
Behold a bush that burns with fireW. S. (Author)1
Behold a sinner at thy feetW. S. (Author)2
Behold, a table richly spreadW. S. (Author)2
Behold, how happy is the manW. S. (Author)2
Behold the Judge descending!W. S. (Author)2
Behold us dying sinners, LordW. S. (Author)2
Behold what wondrous love and graceWilliam Sanders (Author)6
Bless us, O Lord, before we partW. S. (Author)2
Blest are the humble souls, Who are in spirit poorW. S. (Author)2
Brethren and sisters we must partW. S. (Author)2
But is the day of mercy past?William Sanders (Author)1
By faith we humbly traceW. S. (Author)2
By faith we view fair Canaan's coastW. S. (Author)2
By living faith we now beholdW. S. (Author)2
Come, ye followers of the Lord, In Jesus' service joinWilliam Sanders (Alterer)2
Come, let us lift our heart and voiceW. S. (Author)2
Come, O thou weary pilgrim's FriendW. S. (Author)2
Come, Saviour, and bless usW. S. (Author)2
Come, view the Saviour crucifiedW. S. (Author)2
Come, with your sore diseasesW. S. (Author)2
Come, ye weary sinners, come, Christ the Lord invites you homeW. S. (Author)2
Commision'd, Lord, by theeW. S. (Author)2
Commission'd by the great I AMW. S. (Author)2
Creation calls aloud for praiseW. S. (Author)1
Daniel, a holy man, was castW. S. (Author)2
Days and years are rolling onW. S. (Author)2
Dear brethren and sister, awhile we must partW. S. (Author)2
Encourag'd by thy gracious wordW. S. (Author)2
Enoch, by faith, with Jesus walk'dW. S. (Author)2
Ere long, the trump of God shall soundW. S. (Author)2
Eternal Father, God of grace, Our sacrifice receiveW. S. (Author)2
Eternal Source of Light, ariseWilliam Sanders (Author)2
Eternal triune God, Most HighW. S. (Author)2
Farewell, my Christian friends, farewellW. S. (Author)2
Father, behold thy SonW. S. (Author)2
Fountain of life, thy fullness shedW. S. (Author)2
Go forth, ye heralds, and proclaimW. S. (Author)2
God's throne is fix'd on Zion's hillWilliam Sanders (Author)1
Great everlasting KingW. S. (Author)2
Great God, how wonderful art thouW. S. (Author)2
Great God, it is thy fix'd decreeW. S. (Author)2
Great God of truth our hearts inspireW. S. (Author)2
Great is the Lord on Zion's hillW. S. (Author)2
Great Jehovah, God AlmightyW. S. (Author)2
Great Jehovah, sovereign LordWilliam Sanders (Author)2
Great King of heaven and earthW. S. (Author)2
Great Savior of the fallen raceW. S. (Author)2
Great Source of uncreated lightW. S. (Author)2
Happy are the saints above!W. S. (Author)2
Hark, the gospel news is soundingWilliam Sanders (Author)6
Hark! 'tis the voice of GodW. S. (Author)2
Head of the church, enthron'd aboveW. S. (Author)2
Heaven is a place of endless restW. S. (Author)2
How many weeks and months are fledW. S. (Author)2
How short is life! How sure is death!W. S. (Author)2
How vast, how wondrous is that loveW. S. (Author)2
How weak, how feeble, Lord, is manW. S. (Author)2
If faithful, we shall wear the crownW. S. (Author)2
In Dura's plains an image stoodW. S. (Author)2
In Jesus Christ, our living HeadW. S. (Author)2
Israel had known Jehovah's powerW. S. (Author)2
Jehovah is a sun and shieldW. S. (Author)2
Jehovah speaketh, once, yea twiceW. S. (Author)2
Jesus, behold me sore distrest W. S. (Author)2
Jesus hath devised a planW. S. (Author)2
Jesus, meet thy saints to-dayW. S. (Author)2
Jesus my Lord was crucified W. S. (Author)2
Jesus, my Shepherd, and my FriendW. S. (Author)2
Jesus, my soul is much cast down!W. S. (Author)2
Jesus, thine ear in mercy bowW. S. (Author)2
Jesus, thou bleeding LambW. S. (Author)2
Jesus, thou Corner StoneW. S. (Author)2
Jesus, thou God of truth and loveW. S. (Author)2
Jesus, thou Source of light and loveW. S. (Author)2
Jesus, thou sovereign Lord, Thy grace is rich and freeW. S. (Author)2
Jesus, thy blessing now affordW. S. (Author)2
Jesus, thyself on me bestowW. S. (Author)2
Jesus, to thee in faith we bowW. S. (Author)2
Jesus, who split his precious bloodW. S. (Author)2
Jesus, wipe away my tearsW. S. (Author)2
Led by God of truth and graceW. S. (Author)2
Let eastern tribes their offerings bringW. S. (Author)2
Light of the Gentile raceW. S. (Author)2
Most holy Lord, we bless thy nameWilliam Sanders (Author)2
My brethren in the Lord, Your Christian course pursueW. S. (Author)2
My Savior left the realms aboveW. S. (Author)2
My soul is now united to Christ, the living vineWilliam Sanders (b 1799) (Author)1
None is like Jeshurun's GodW. S. (Alterer)1
Now in the power of God I riseW. S. (Alterer)2
Now, Jesus, in our midst appearW. S. (Author)2
Now Jesus makes his gospel knownW. S. (Author)2
Now let our eyes, by faith surveyW. S. (Author)2
Now let us cease from mourningWilliam Sanders (Author)2
Now let us raise a joyful songW. S. (Author)2
Now, Lord, I ask thy Spirit's aidW. S. (Author)2
Now, Lord, I on thy truth dependW. S. (Author)2
Now, Lord, maintain thy sovereign swayW. S. (Author)2
Now, Lord, the power of sin controlW. S. (Author)2
Now, Lord, thy blessings we imploreW. S. (Author)2
Now, Lord, thy chosen heralds blessW. S. (Author)2
Now, Lord, we fall before thy faceW. S. (Author)2
Now, Lord, we in thy house appearW. S. (Author)2
Now, O my soul, arise and shineW. S. (Author)2
O heavenly Zion, rise and shineW. S. (Author)2
O how shall I true wisdom findW. S. (Author)2
O let us never cease to prayW. S. (Author)2
O may the Lord his grace impartW. S. (Author)2
O Savior, welcome to my heartW. Sanders (Author)1
O thou, who reign'st above the skiesW. S. (Author)2
Old Jacob banish'd all his fearsW. S. (Author)2
One thing, O Lord, do I requireW. S. (Author)2
Praise the Lord, ye sons of menW. S. (Author)2
Saul, by the rulers sentW. S. (Author)2
See in the mountain of the LordW. S. (Author)2
See, where the bleeding Saviour standsW. S. (Author)2
Servants of the great JehovahWilliam Sanders (Author)3
Spirit of holiness and loveW. S. (Author)2
That awful day is drawing nearW. S. (Author)2
That happy day is drawing nearW. S. (Author)2
That happy day will shortly comeW. S. (Author)2
The crown is just before mine eyes!W. S. (Author)2
The last great day is drawing nighW. S. (Author)2
The life we live on earth belowW. S. (Author)2
The Lord our God ascends on highW. S. (Author)2
The Lord, who is by angels seenW. S. (Author)2
The saints of God, in ancient daysW. S. (Author)2
The Saviour's love is sung aboveW. S. (Author)2
The scene how solemn, yet how sweetW. S. (Author)2
The way to glory we'll pursueW. S. (Author)2
There is a heaven above to gainW. S. (Author)2
Thick darkness hath the world o'erspreadW. S. (Author)2
Though in a world of sicknessW. S. (Author)2
Tho' Job was tried and tempted soreW. S. (Author)2
Thou call'st us, Lord, to fight for theeW. S. (Author)2
Thou God, who reignest enthroned on highWilliam Sanders (Author)2
Thou holy God, whom saints adoreW. S. (Author)2
Good thou art, and good thou dostW. S. (Alterer)1
Thou, Lord, hast bid us always prayW. S. (Author)2
Thou Lord, who dost in glory reignW. S. (Author)2
Thy arm, O Lord, has been made bareW. S. (Author)2
Time is swiftly rolling onW. S. (Author)2
To Christ, the everlasting KingW. S. (Author)2
To God I now lift up my voiceWilliam Sanders (Author)1
To God I now my tribute bringW. S. (Author)2
To God our daily thanks we oweW. S. (Author)2
To God the heavenly KingW. S. (Author)2
To him who fills th' eternal throneW. S. (Author)2
To save us who in sin were deadW. S. (Author)2
To thee, great God, in songs of praiseW. S. (Author)2
To thee, great Source of lightWilliam Sanders (Author)3
To thee, O God of power divineW. S. (Author)2
To thee, O Lord, we prayW. S. (Author)2
Triumphant Lord, come downW. S. (Author)2
Unto our never-ceasing criesW. S. (Alterer)2
We have by thee been richly fedW. S. (Author)2
We now are journeying to the placeW. S. (Author)2
We read in thy most holy wordW. S. (Author)2
We thank thee, O thou God of graceW. S. (Author)2
We thy last supper can't forgetW. S. (Author)2
Welcome, O Savior, to my heartW. S. (Author)1
When God came down on SinaiW. S. (Author)2
When God look'd down from heaven, and sawW. S. (Author)2
When Jesus Christ resign'd his breathW. S. (Author)2
When Moses stretched forth his rodW. S. (Author)2
When shall I quit this vale of woeW. S. (Author)2
When the last trumpet shakes the groundW. S. (Author)2
When trials scatter, Lord, the sheepW. S. (Author)2
Where shall my soul begin to singWilliam Sanders (Author)4
While passing through this dreary valeW. S. (Author)2
While passing through this vale of woeW. S. (Author)2
While through the wilderness we goW. S. (Author)2
While waiting at the throne of graceW. S. (Author)2
Why do I wander from my GodW. S. (Author)1
Why do the creatures gain my heartW. S. (Author)2
With humble boldness we draw nighW. S. (Author)2
Ye servants of the great I AMW. S. (Author)2
Ye servants of the Lord, rejoiceW. S. (Author)2
Ye sinners, now begin to prayW. S. (Author)2
Ye sleeping souls, ariseW. S. (Author)2
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