Margaret Elizabeth Munson Sangster

Short Name: Margaret Elizabeth Munson Sangster
Full Name: Sangster, Margaret Elizabeth Munson, 1838-1912
Birth Year: 1838
Death Year: 1912 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Margaret Elizabeth Munson Sangster (49)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A song of thanksgiving! we've garnered the wheatMargaret Elizabeth Munson Sangster (Author)English2
All your need will God supplyMargaret E. Sangster (Author)2
Amid earth's changes, LordMargaret E. Sangster (Author)English2
Blessed Jesus, I would singMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)3
Children lift your happy voicesMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)2
Children of darkness in sinMrs. M. E. M. Sangster (Author)2
Comes any good from NazarethMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)5
Dear little children, readingMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)2
Flag of our country braveMargaret Elizabeth Munson Sangster (Author)English2
Fling it from mast and steepleMargaret Sangster (Author)English8
For peace and for plenty, for freedom, for restM. E. Sangster (Author)English17
For sowing and reapingMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)3
Forget them not, O Christ, who standMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)English10
Give us this day, dear Lord, our daily breadMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)3
I must obey my motherMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)3
I want to be a happy saintMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)2
It's coming, coming nearer, the lovely land unseenMrs. M. E. M. Sangster (Author)English7
It's not the thing you do, dearMargaret E. Sangster (Author)English3
Jesus, Lord of all compassionMrs. M. E. Sangster (Author)3
Jesus, when the light is fadingMargaret E. Sangster (Author)2
Joint heirs with Christ the blessedMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)English3
Lift up your heads today, ye gatesMargaret Sangster (Author)2
No tramp of marching armiesMargaret E. Sangster (Author)6
Now in the pleasant springtimeMrs. Sangster (Author)2
O Christ, forget not them who standMargaret E. Sangster (1838-1912) (Author)8
O Jesus Christ, most wonderfulMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)English3
O where are you going my dear little birdMargaret Sangster (Author)2
Out of my need you come to meMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)2
Out of the chill and the shadowMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)3
She walked amid the liliesMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)2
Sing that the winter is overMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)2
Sometimes the path is drearyMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)2
Sometimes we are almost discouragedMargaret Elizabeth Munson Sangster (Author)English2
The Master walked in GalileeMargaret C. Sangster (Author)English2
The sacred banner of the cross, The pledge of victory wonMrs. M. E. Sangster (Author)English1
The ships glide in at the harbor's mouthMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)English27
Their faces to JerusalemMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)2
There were only two or three of usMargaret E. Sangster (Author)English2
Thine is the power, LordMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)2
Think of it, little childrenMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)2
Thou knowest, Lord, how long and lateMrs. M. E. Sangster (Author)English2
Through dark and light, through storm and sunMrs. Margaret E. M. Sangster (Author)English6
'Tis the grief of my lifeMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)2
Upon Judea's starlit plainMargaret E. Sangster (Author)2
We have gathered once moreMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)6
We have met and we have partedMargaret Sangster (Author)2
We praise Thee, we bless Thee, O Savior risen todayMrs. Margaret E. M. Sangster (Author)English2
We take our share of frettingMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)3
Who fain would follow JesusMargaret E. M. Sangster (Author)English3
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