Peter J. Scagnelli

Short Name: Peter J. Scagnelli
Full Name: Scagnelli, Peter J., 1949-
Birth Year: 1949 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Peter J. Scagnelli (10)sort descendingAsInstances
Again we keep this solemn fastPeter J. Scagnelli, b. 1949 (Translator)11
We praise you, Father, for your giftPeter Scagnelli (Translator)1
Before the ending of the day Creator of the world, we pray (Scagnelli)Peter Scagnelli (Translator)2
Christians, praise the paschal victim (Víctimae Pascháli laudes)Peter J. Scagnelli, b. 1949 (Translator)7
Daylight fades in days when deathlessPeter J. Scagnelli, b. 1949 (Author)2
Hagan ayuno y oraciónPeter J. Scagnelli, b. 1949 (Adaptor (English))2
Holy Spirit, Lord Divine, Come, from heights of heav'n and shinePeter J. Scagnelli, b. 1949 (Translator)8
Now that the daylight fills the skyPeter Scagnelli, b. 1949 (Translator (sts. 2-4))3
O sun of justice, Jesus ChristPeter J. Scagnelli, b. 1949 (Translator)5
This is the feast day of the Lord's true witnessPeter J. Scagnelli, b. 1949 (Author)5
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