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Greg Scheer
Greg Scheer
Short Name: Greg Scheer
Full Name: Scheer, Greg, 1966-
Birth Year: 1966

Greg Scheer is a composer, author, and speaker. His life’s work includes two sons (Simon and Theo), two books (The Art of Worship, 2006, and Essential Worship, 2016), and hundreds of compositions, songs, and arrangements in a dizzying variety of styles.

Greg is also co-founder of and source of many ideas and inspirations, some good.

Greg Scheer

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[A cada dia nasce de novo o sol]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)251111 11175 55666
[Abana alathi fi ssama]Greg Scheer (Arranger)415451 54516 56765
ADESTE FIDELESGreg Scheer (Arranger)111512 55323 43211
AL DESPUNTAR EL DÍAGreg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)155517 12716 33345
[Aleluya, alleluya]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)255554 65555 5542
[¡Aleluya! Señor, ¿a quién iremos?]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)213555 55617 46665
[Allá en el monte Horeb la zarza ardía]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)251111 11351 17522
[All who are thirsty]Greg Scheer, b. 1966 (Arranger)143213 35543 22155
[Alza tus ojos y mira]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)255555 51133 32127
AMEN (Spiritual)Greg Scheer (Arranger)116513 21354 35432
[Así como las espigas que estaban dispersas por los campos]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)253324 32213 32112
[As the deer pants for the water]Greg Scheer (Composer)3
[Ayúdame a mirar con tus ojos]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)253232 31776 54434
[Bersatu teguh, tegak dankukuh]Greg Scheer (Arranger)251124 51235 56666
ESTE ES EL DIAGreg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)151115 51115 51115
KAS DZIEDAJAGreg Scheer (Arranger)512351 23511 54321
CHERRY TREE CAROL (15565)Greg Scheer (Arranger)215565 32165 5535
[Cielo nuevo, tierra nueva ¿dónde vamos a vivir?]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)232314 34255 54323
[Clap your hands, all you nations, shout to God]Greg Scheer (Harmonizer)211132 17666 22221
CLARA LUZGreg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)151671 76756 45676
[De tal manera me amó]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)223232 36522 34321
DIDN'T SEE THAT COMINGGreg Scheer (Composer)213171 11313 45456
DJ DEEP HOUSEGreg Scheer (Composer)2
DOMINUS VOBISCUM (Rienstra)Greg Scheer (Arranger)455611 55611 13333
[El hombre de Galilea va pasando ya]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)251111 23321 21752
[El mensaje que hoy proclamamos]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)2
[El Señor es mi pastor] (Witt)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)217331 74666 54517
[El Señor Jesucristo esté con tu epíritu]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)255333 22211 75355
[En la intimidad, al abrigo de tu gloria]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)217155 22171 66443
[En su esperanza brota la alegría]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)211543 11443 22115
[Eres tú la única razón de mi adoración]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)235531 25527 13315
[Espíritu de Dios]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)253217 11354 32724
[Espíritu Santo te necesito]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)211233 67122 53714
[Estoy listo si él me llama]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)212321 44321 71217
HALADGreg Scheer (Arranger)211355 65453 34542
FEED USGreg Scheer (Composer)351251 53211 1
GILLIGANGreg Scheer (Composer)251234 55556 76545
[Gloria a Dios] (Cointre and Holanda)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)232443 56665 12321
[Grace and Peace to You]Greg Scheer (Composer)2
[Gracias, gracias, Señor]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)232243 32333 32217
[He has put a new song on my tongue]Greg Scheer (Composer)2
[Hear my words, O Lord]Greg Scheer (Composer)2
URI UWER' UWER' UWERAGreg Scheer (Arranger)333332 31651 11322
[He's shown the whole world]Greg Scheer (Composer)2
[Hine ma tovu ma naim] (11111)Greg Scheer (Arranger)111111 143
[Holy Father, Son, and Spirit]Greg Scheer, b. 1966 (Arranger)223532 12543 23532
[Hosanna, hosanna al Hijo de David]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Composer)212353 21132 22321
[I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart]Greg Scheer (Arranger)156717 65332 12275
[I see the king of glory]Greg Scheer, b. 1966 (Arranger)111612 43111 61231
HOUSTON (Thomerson)Greg Scheer (Arranger)113455 56545 1345
I WILL HIDEGreg Scheer (Arranger)3
INDYGreg Scheer (Composer)211232 35536 53143
JENNY VAN TSCHEGGGreg Scheer (Composer)451655 53415 51655
[Jesús está pasando por aquí]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)233211 13321 33211
[Jesus, the perfect picture of the unseen God]Greg Scheer (Arranger)4
[La única razón de mi adoración]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)363333 33334 43332
[La sangre de Cristo tiene poder]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)251123 45653 55432
Sing with HeartsGreg Scheer (Arranger)2
[Lift up our eyes, Lord, unto the fields]Greg Scheer (Arranger)1
[يا سيدي املأ قلبي]Greg Scheer (Arranger)151232 12332 1767
[Make us a house of prayer]Greg Scheer (Arranger)2
MALATEGreg Scheer (Arranger)355565 53425 55654
[Mas el Dios de toda gracia]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)234535 17622 34444
[May the mind of Christ my Savior] Greg Scheer (Composer)2
[Mi pensamiento eres tú, Señor]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)251232 17646 57121
[Mi pensamiento eres tú, Señor] (33353)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)133353 21232 22242
[Muévete en mí, Señor]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)232176 32221 76521
NICAEA (Dykes)Greg Scheer (Arranger)111335 56666 53555
O GREAT GODGreg Scheer, b. 1966 (Arranger)115512 33354 32161
[Oh Jerusalén, qué bonita eres]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)255655 55655 43234
OPEN YOUR MOUTH (Yoruba)Greg Scheer (Arranger)233332 12162 22132
PANAMAGreg Scheer, n. 1966 (Composer)153313 53313 51765
[Pon aceite en mi lámpara, Señor]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)232132 13212 43243
[Pon aceite en mi vida, Señor]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)212311 76567 12776
[Porque tú eres bueno]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)155544 33345 66565
[Pueblos todos batid las manos]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)256553 21612 33332
[Quédate con nosotros, Señor de la esperanza]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)256712 33332 12336
[Quién, quién, quién como Jehová]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)211151 23345 55232
[Quién, quién, quién como Jehová] (111513)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)211151 35345 55432
[Sacrifice and offering you have not desired]Greg Scheer (Composer)2
[Salvation belongs to our God]Greg Scheer (Arranger)355555 27156 65561
SANNANINAGreg Scheer (Arranger)211112 17776 65111
[Santo, santo, santo, santo, santo es el Señor]Greg Scheer (Arranger)311335 51544 32111
SCARECROWGreg Scheer (Composer)4
SHALOM 120Greg Scheer (Arranger)3
SHUKURU YESUGreg Scheer (Arranger)455513 32255 52443
[Solo en la Palabra hay luz]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)233451 23112 31216
[Somos el pueblo de Dios]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)233332 11333 32113
[Su gloria cubrió cielos]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)253156 54256 56565
[Tal como soy, Señor]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)235555 56555 33333
[Te alabaré, oh Señor]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)232343 23434 46536
[Te invitamos, oh Cristo]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)256712 13356 71214
[Ten men, lepers in a Hebrew town]Greg Scheer (Arranger)1
[The gospel of Christ is the power of God]Greg Scheer (Composer)2
[The Lord is ruler over all]Greg Scheer (Harmonizer and Arranger)233455 66535 43131
[There were ninety and nine that safely lay] (Sankey)Greg Scheer (Arranger)155111 11771 1133
[The proof of Jesus' love is printed in his palm]Greg Scheer (Arranger)231121 71776 511
KWAKE YESUGreg Scheer (Arranger)617333 71513 44456
[This is my prayer in the desert]Greg Scheer, b. 1966 (Arranger)211111 12311 11216
[Tu Palabra, Señor]Greg Scheer (Arranger)2
[Tua Palavra é lâmpada para os meus pés]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)155553 44432 13255
[Ven, Espíritu, ven]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)233432 31117 65444
[We are coming, Lord, to the table]Greg Scheer (Arranger)2
[We are waiting, Father, for your majesty]Greg Scheer (Composer)2
[We will not be burned by the fire]Greg Scheer, b. 1966 (Arranger)211161 23321 11765
[Who Has Known the Mind of the Lord]Greg Scheer (Arranger)2
YISRAEL V'ORAITAGreg Scheer (Arranger)171765 55555 57176
[Yo me alegré con los que me decían]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)255553 13564 24442
[Yo quiero más de ti]Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Arranger)255351 44322 76655
[Your mercy, Lord, stretches through the heavens]Greg Scheer (Composer)2
SALAAMGreg Scheer (Arranger)334557 65675 3433

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