Alvin Schutmaat

Short Name: Alvin Schutmaat
Full Name: Schutmaat, Alvin, 1921-1988
Birth Year: 1921
Death Year: 1988

Alvin L. Schutmaat was born in Michigan in 1921, educated in the United States and did post-graduate studies in Scotland. He was appointed by the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) as a missionary to South America where he taught theology and music in Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico. An educator, theologian and administrator, he used the arts to communicate the gospel. The Book of Praise (1997) also includes "Filled With Excitement" (#215) and "When the Poor Ones" (#762), melodies which he adapted.

"May the God of Hope" is a song of blessing, justice and peace. Use it when people are commissioned for mission or service projects. It adds a joyous, upbeat note to the end of a worship service, sending people on their way almost dancing. The Hispanic folk melody has a driving rhythmic pulse, best accompanied by piano or guitar. Rhythm instruments such as bongos, claves and maracas can also be used.