Eliza M. Sherman

Short Name: Eliza M. Sherman
Full Name: Sherman, Eliza M.
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Texts by Eliza M. Sherman (85)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Are you clinging, clinging close to JesusEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Are you trusting in the MasterEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Art thou sitting in the shadowEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Art thou waiting on the watch towerEliza M. Sherman (Author)3
As a distant strain of musicEliza M. Sherman (Author)3
Beautiful star, Bethlehem's starEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Childrens' glad voicesEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Chime, sweet bells of Christmas timeEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Christ alone shall be my songEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Christ arose, O bells of EasterEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Christ is precious, do you doubt himEliza M. Sherman (Author)7
Come, sing hallelujah to JesusEliza M. Sherman (Author)English4
Come, ye children, march alongMiss E. Sherman (Author)4
Dear Savior, the clouds are allEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Do you doubt the Savior's mercy?Eliza Sherman (Author)2
Father, before thy throne my soul would bowMiss Eliza M. Sherman (Author)6
Father, I have heard thee callingEliza M. Sherman (Author)6
Fernher kommt auf FruehrotsEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Full atonement, wondrous storyEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Go forth to the field of the harvestEliza M. Sherman (Author)5
Go, tell them of the SaviorEliza M. Sherman (Author)3
Going home, where Jesus waits usEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Hear the heavenly Father callingEliza M. Sherman (Author)7
Hear the loving FatherEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
I would sing of Christ who loved meEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
In the sweet Immanuel's landEliza M. Sherman (Author)4
Is your light shining brightlyEliza M. Sherman (Author)4
It came upon the early mornEliza M. Sherman (Author)4
Jesus Christ is all my songEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Jesus Christ our loving SaviorEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Jesus loved me long agoEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Jesus, thought of meEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Jesus, Thy name is sweet to meEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Joyfully we're marchingEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Joyfully with glad hosannasEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Just across the silent riverEliza M. Sherman (Author)8
List to the music over the earthEliza M. Sherman (Author)6
Long I've wandered from the masterEliza M. Sherman (Author)4
Long O Master in thy vineyardEliza M. Sherman (Author)11
Loud and long the bells are ringingEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
My drink shall be water coolEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
O I am so happy in Jesus, my soul is overflowing with loveEliza M. Sherman (Author)English3
O I would sing of JesusEliza M. Sherman (Author)3
O list the bells of Christmas mornEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
O the precious love of Jesus, Growing sweeter day by dayEliza M. Sherman (Author)35
O there's a land of beautyEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
O what have you done for Christ todayEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Once I rode the raging billowsEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Once I wandered far from Jesus (Sherman)Eliza M. Sherman (Author)3
Passing away like the sunbeams at eveningEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Peace with God, what gift more preciousEliza Sherman (Author)7
Roses bring and lilies sweetEliza M. Sherman (Author)5
Rosy glow the tapers in the bar room brightEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Say, what are you doingEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
See the mighty congregationEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Shout, shout hosanna, shout a glad hosannaEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
So, my boy, you are leaving the old firesideEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Soft and sweet the bells are ringingEliza M. Sherman (Author)11
Soft on the winter air, joy bells are ringingEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Softly as a strain of musicEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Softly down the lapse of agesEliza M. Sherman (Author)4
Softly fall the silver moonbeamsEliza M. Sherman (Author)3
Softly fall the twilight shadowsEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Some more convenient timeEliza Sherman (Author)3
Starting from the cradle toward the grave belowEliza M. Sherman (Author)4
The way is dark my Father, I've wandered far from TheeEliza Sherman (Author)English3
The way was long and dark and drearEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
There are sweetest songs at morningEliza M. Sherman (Author)4
There is a name so wondrousEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
There is a star in yonder skyEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
There's a beautiful home far away, A home that I'm longing to seeEliza Sherman (Author)2
There's a beautiful land (Sherman)Eliza Sherman (Author)2
There's a city bright and goldenEliza M. Sherman (Author)5
There's a city over yonder, Just across the shining seaEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
They say there's a landEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
Vesper bells are ringingEliza M. Sherman (Author)3
We are singing sweetest praisesEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
We can tell the sweet old storyEliza M. Sherman (Author)5
What can I do for Jesus, to show I love Him true?Eliza M. Sherman (Author)2
What shall I do with Jesus, He knocks at my doorEliza M. Sherman (Author)4
When pearly moonbeams silentlyEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
When thy heart o'erflows with gladnessEliza M. Sherman (Author)3
Where will you spend eternity? O child of love from whom Christ diedEliza M. Sherman (Author)English2
While bloom life's sweetest rosesEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
You are leaving the happy home circle todayEliza M. Sherman (Author)2
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