Mary Dana Shindler

Mary Dana Shindler
Short Name: Mary Dana Shindler
Full Name: Shindler, Mary Dana, 1810-1883
Birth Year: 1810
Death Year: 1883

Shindler, Mary Stanley Bunce, née Palmer, better known as Mrs. Dana, was born in Beaufort, South Carolina, Feb. 15, 1810. In 1835 she was married to Charles E. Dana, of New York, and removed with him to Bloomington, now Muscatine, Iowa, in 1838. Mr. Dana died in 1839, and Mrs. Dana returned to South Carolina. Subsequently she was married to the Rev. Robert D. Shindler, who was Professor in Shelby College, Kentucky, in 1851, and afterwards in Texas. Mrs. Shindler, originally a Presbyterian, was for some time an Unitarian; but of late years she has been a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church. As Mary S. B. Dana she published the Southern Harp, 1840, and the Northern Harp, 1841. From these works her hymns have been taken, 8 of which are in T. O. Summers's Songs of Zion, 1851. The best known are:—
1. Fiercely came the tempest sweeping. Christ stilling the storm. (1841.)
2. I'm a pilgrim, and I'm a stranger. A Christian Pilgrim. (1841.)
3. O sing to me of heaven. Heaven contemplated. (1840.) Sometimes given as "Come, sing to me of heaven." [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Shindler, Mary S. B., p. 1055, i. Other hymns usually attributed to this writer, are "Prince of Peace, control my will" (Perfect Peace), in the Church of England Magazine, March 3, 1858, in 32 lines; and " Once upon the heaving ocean" (Jesus calming the Sea).

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Mary S. B. Shindler (also, Mary S. B. Dana and Mary Dana Shindler; 15 February 1810 – 1883) was an American poet, writer, and editor of the southern United States. She was a frequent contributor to popular periodicals, and a successful hymnwriter of the mid-19th century.

Texts by Mary Dana Shindler (35)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Far o'er the wave which rolls so coldMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)2
Fiercely came the tempest sweepingMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)6
Flee, as a bird, to your mountainMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)61
Hear my prayer, my heavenly Father, Let my cryMary Dana Shindler (Author)2
Hier auf Erden bin ich ein PilgerMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)German15
Huye cual ave tu monteMary Dana (Author)Spanish2
I dearly love a little childMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)English6
I know not the way I am goingMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)3
I love to think of heavenMrs. Mary S. B. Dana (Author)4
I need Thee every hour, Most gracious LordMrs. A. S. Hawks (Author)English5
I was weary of my SaviorMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)3
I'm a pilgrim and I'm a stranger, I can tarry, I can tarry but a nightMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)English295
Let precious truth and honestyMrs. Schinler (Author)4
Like a dream when one awakethMrs. M. S. B. Dana (Author)5
My beloved, wilt thou own meMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)8
Nahetoosemė Ma'heonėhestanovȧMrs. M. S. B. D. Shindler (Author)Cheyenne2
Nur ein Pilger bin ich auf ErdenMary S. B. Shindler (Author)German1
O daughter of Zion, why sorrowest thouMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)2
O God, my heart is faint and weakMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)2
O joy to thee, joy to thee daughter of sorrowMrs. M. S. B. Dana (Author)5
O sing to me of heaven When I am called to dieMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)139
Once upon the heaving stormy oceanMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)10
Prince of Peace, control my willMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)English104
Savior at thy feet we bowMary Dana Shindler (Author)2
Shed not a tear, o'er your friend's early bier Mary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)English61
Soft, soft, music is stealingMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)14
Sound forth in tuneful numbers, gentle harpMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)2
Sparkling and bright in its liquid lightMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)32
There's not a bright and beaming smileMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)14
Till I shall be sleepingMary S. B. Dana Shindler (Author)5
Voy al cielo, soy peregrinoM. D. Shindler (Author)Spanish7
We shall meet no more to partMrs. Dana (Author)10
What seraph like music steals over the seaMary Dana Shindler (Author)5
When down to the garden where rivulets flowMrs. Dana (Author)2
When I gaze on the rainbowMary Dana Shindler (Author)1

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