Oluf H. Smeby

Short Name: Oluf H. Smeby
Full Name: Smeby, Oluf H., 1851-1929
Birth Year: 1851
Death Year: 1929
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Texts by Oluf H. Smeby (10)sort descendingAsInstances
Abide with us, the day is waningO. H. Smeby, 1851-1929 (Translator)6
How blest are they who hear God's Word, And keep and heed what they have heardO. H. Smeby, 1851-1929 (Translator)11
I know of a sleep in Jesus' nameSmeby (Translator)3
In heaven is joy and gladnessO. H. Smeby, 1851-1929 (Translator)5
Now Jesus at the door is knockingO. H. Smeby (Author)3
O day, full of grace, which we beholdSmeby (Translator)2
O Holy Ghost, Thou gift divineOluf H. Smeby (Translator (English))7
O Holy Spirit, grant us grace That we our Lord and SaviorO. H. Smeby, 1851-1929 (Translator)10
Praise God, this hour of sorrowO. H. Smeby, 1851-1929 (Translator)8
When sinners see their lost conditionO. H. Smeby, 1851-1929 (Translator)5
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