Arthur Willis Spooner

Short Name: Arthur Willis Spooner
Full Name: Spooner, Arthur Willis
Birth Year: 1854
Death Year: 1930 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Arthur Willis Spooner (51)sort descendingAsInstances
Angels are always singingArhur Willis Spooner (Author)7
Do you know the story of Gideon's bandA. W. S. (Author)3
God is calling loud for reapersA. W. S. (Author)7
However dark the way may seemArthur Willis Spooner, D. D. (Author)2
I once was a sinner, wandering from homeA. W. S. (Author)2
I was sunken in sin and no light could I seeArhur Willis Spooner (Author)2
If I could only lead you to the SaviorA. W. S. (Author)2
If the King should come todayA. W. S. (Author)2
If the Lord should call for youArhur Willis Spooner (Author)5
If you walk with Jesus life grows sweeter every dayArhur Willis Spooner (Author)2
I'm a little light bearer, I shine every dayA. W. S. (Author)2
In the Bible it is written, Precious truth, how can it beArthur W. Spooner (Author)2
In the land of gathering darknessA. W. Spooner (Author)2
Is it true that some sweet dayA. W. S. (Author)3
Jesus is a Friend so kindA. W. S. (Author)6
Jesus, when the way seems longArhur Willis Spooner (Author)3
Keep your eyes uplifted, workers for the MasterArthur Willis Spooner (Author)2
Let us stand for ChristArhur Willis Spooner (Author)2
Little hands can toil for JesusA. W. S. (Author)2
Lord, we are pleading, pleading for powerA. W. S. (Author)4
My heart is open to thee, dear LordA. W. S. (Author)2
On the mount stood Elijah, the brave man of GodA. W. S. (Author)5
One by one, the sands are fallingA. W. S. (Author)2
Out in the desert, Lord, I have wanderedA. W. S. (Author)3
Summer days have come againArthur W. Spooner (Author)1
The grace of my Saviour is boundless and freeArthur Willis Sponner (Author)2
The hand of my Savior is offered to meArhur Willis Spooner (Author)2
The lilies are breathing sweet perfume so rareArhur Willis Spooner (Author)2
The love of Christ to me, how strong that love must beA. W. Spooner (Author)3
The mercy of Jesus is wondrous and freeArhur Willis Spooner (Author)4
There's a homelandArhur Willis Spooner, D. D. (Author)3
There's a love with no beginningArhur Willis Spooner (Author)5
There's a wicked old monster, his name is saloonA. W. S. (Author)3
There's no rock like the Rock of AgesA. W. S. (Author)5
Think what it costs to redeem fallen manA. W. S. (Author)2
Twilight is falling, Soft on the SeaArthur Willis Spooner (Author)2
Watch, Christian, watch for the signalA. W. S. (Author)2
We are young and weak and helplessA. W. S. (Author)2
Weary soul, the Lord is nearA. W. S. (Author)3
We're a band of toilers trueA. W. Spooner (Author)2
What made the Savior leave his throneArhur Willis Spooner (Author)2
What makes Jesus love little childrenA. W. S. (Author)2
What would it profit to gain the whole worldArhur Willis Spooner (Author)2
What would you do without JesusArhur Willis Spooner (Author)2
When Christ in Gethsemane and agonized aloneArhur Willis Spooner (Author)2
When the trump of God shall usher inA. W. S. (Author)5
When upon life's journey you may think there's none to careA. W. S. (Author)8
When you sought for pardon and the burden rolled awayA. W. S. (Author)2
Work for the cause of temperanceArthur Willis Spooner (Author)2
Would you be a true discipleArhur Willis Spooner (Author)2
Yes, the time is drawing nearerA. W. S. (Author)4
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