Virgil O. Stamps

Short Name: Virgil O. Stamps
Full Name: Stamps, Virgil O.
Birth Year: 1892
Death Year: 1940 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Virgil O. Stamps (29)sort descendingAsInstances
All amazed, I think of Christ the LordVirgil O. Stamps (Author)2
As I travel through life with its trouble and strifeV. O. S. (Author)1
As you live your life each dayVirgil O. Stamps (Author)3
Beyond the clouds of greed and hatredVirgil O. Stamps (Author)5
For God so loved this sinful world He gave His only Son to dieV. O. S. (Author)2
For God so loves this sinful world, he gave his only Son toVirgil O. Stamps (Author)2
I am safely sailing across the tideVirgil O. Stamps (Author)2
I've found the straight and narrow wayVirgil O. Stamps (Author (Refrain))2
I've left the land of EgyptVirgil O. Stamps (Author)2
I've left the regions of darknessVirgil O. Stamps (Author)2
Jesus is my Pilot, in the time of stormVirgil O. Stamps (Author)2
Just at the close of the Mosaic ageV. O. S. (Arranger)1
Keep telling the wonderful story of loveVirgil O. Stamps (Author)3
Last night as darkness gatheredVirgil O. Stamps (Author)3
O Father, hear me as I pray to theeVirgil O. Stamps (Author)3
O see the golden harvestVirgil O. Stamps (Author)3
Often I'm tempted to wander awayVirgil O. Stamps (Author)2
Out on the hills of gloryV. O. Stamps (Author)2
Some day the cares of life will riseVirgil O. Stamps (Author)3
Some people go to church on Sunday and stand up there and shoutV. O. S. (Author (1st verse and Chorus))1
The one who notes the sparrow's fallV. O. Stamps (Author)2
There is music in my soul todayVirgil O. Stamps (Author)2
Though clouds sometime your path bedimVirgil O. Stamps (Author)2
We meet today to swell the praiseV. O. S. (Author)2
What a song of delight in that city so brightV. O. S. (Author (Chorus))1
When the morning of the judgmentVirgil O. Stamps (Author)2
When you reach in gloryVirgil O. Stamps (Author)2
When you reach your home in gloryVirgil O. Stamps (Author)2
Wonderful love was shown for meVirgil O. Stamps (Author)3
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