Ira F. Stanphill

Short Name: Ira F. Stanphill
Full Name: Stanphill, Ira F., 1920-1993
Birth Year: 1920
Death Year: 1993

Wikipedia Biography

Ira Forest Stanphill (February 14, 1914 – December 30, 1993) was a well-known American gospel music songwriter of the mid-twentieth century. Stanphill was born in Bellview, New Mexico.

Texts by Ira F. Stanphill (33)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
أجهل ما سوف يأتي في الغد أو بعدهIra F. Stanphill (Author)Arabic1
我曾行在孤單路上,擔子重壓肩頭 (Wǒ céng xíng zài gūdān lùshàng, dànzi zhòng yā jiāntóu)Ira F. Stanphill (Author)Chinese2
God can do anything, anything, anythingIra F. Stanphill (Author)English8
Happiness is to know the SaviorI. F. S. (Author)11
Has the burden been too heavyIra F. Stanphill (Author)2
He washed my eyes with tearsIra F. Stanphill (Author)6
How often we have gathered at old campmeeting timeIra F. Stanphill (Author)2
I can be strong, I can be braveI. F. S. (Author)2
I can’t make my way to heavenI. F. S. (Author)2
I don't know about tomorrowIra F. Stanphill (Author)30
I long to gain my treasures waiting upon the other sideI. S. (Author)3
I traveled alone upon this lonesome wayI. F. S. (Author)4
I traveled down a lonely roadIra F. Stanphill (Author)English9
I want a love that silver cannot buyIra F. Stanphill (Author)2
I was tested by the tempterIra F. Stanphill (Author)2
I'm just a little fellowIra F. Stanphill (Author)3
I'm satisfied with just a cottage belowI. S. (Author)English24
Inside those pearly gatesIra F. Stanphill (Author)2
La cruz en que Cristo murióIra F. Stanphill (Author)Spanish2
Mansión gloriosa tengo yo en el cieloIra F. Stanphill (Author)Spanish2
Nada sé sobre el futuroIra F. Stanphill (Author)English2
Once I feared the storm and feared the nightIra F. Stanphill (Author)2
Sometimes there's heartacheIra F. Stanphill (Author)2
The cross upon which Jesus diedIra F. Stanphill, 1914- (Author)English31
There was no crown for him of silver or of goldI. F. S. (Author)5
There's no satisfaction in riches or in fameIra Stanphill (Author)4
Though shadows deepen and my heart bleedsI. S. (Author)6
Unworthy am I of the grace that he gaveIra F. Stanphill (Author)6
Viajaba en triste soledadIra Stanphill (Author)Spanish3
我不知明日將如何 (Wǒ bùzhī míngrì jiàng rúhé)Ira F. Stanphill (Author)Chinese2
Many years ago in days of childhoodIra F. Stanphill (Author)8
Wherever I may travelI. F. S. (Author)2
You can have a melody down in your heartIra F. Stanphill (Author)4

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