Keith Stent

Short Name: Keith Stent
Full Name: Stent, Keith does not have biographical information about this person.

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KNOWING YOUKeith Stent (Arranger)132165 32123 32165
[All of my heart, all of my soul]Keith Stent (Arranger)243154 31543 1543
BEAUTIFUL WORLDKeith Stent (Arranger)155565 54323 13444
CHANGE MY HEARTKeith Stent (Arranger)134564 23453 34564
[Come to me, come my people]Keith Stent (Arranger)133424 43112
[Creator Lord, almighty Father]Keith Stent (Arranger)233455 43422 34432
[Deep within my heart I know Jesus loves me]Keith Stent (Arranger)232351 43453 23235
[Draw us in love, grant us your peace]Keith Stent (Arranger)254324 32115 51177
COUNTRY GARDENSKeith Stent (Arranger)111766 55433 45124
[God turned darkness into light]Keith Stent (Arranger)251265 12356 17561
[God's Spirit is in my heart]Keith Stent (Arranger)111112 35556 54456
[Hallelu, hallelu, hallelu, hallelujah]Keith Stent (Arranger)134555 11166 64432
[Healer of the sick]Keith Stent (Arranger)212354 23453 36711
[Here is bread, here is wine]Keith Stent (Arranger)135513 33432 34323
[He's the one to follow]Keith Stent (Arranger)211561 21233 43211
[Hey, now, everybody sing]Keith Stent (Arranger)215666 65666 65443
OUR GOD REIGNSKeith Stent (Arranger)134561 71766 55343
[I will wave my hands in praise and adoration]Keith Stent (Arranger)267113 32345 43322
[Isn't it good to be together]Keith Stent (Arranger)234556 54321 23334
[Jesus put this song into our hearts]Keith Stent (Arranger)155556 54345 5556
[Jesus went away to the desert]Keith Stent (Arranger)234536 33425 43311
[Let love be real, in giving and receiving] (Tambling)Keith Stent (Arranger)253243 21232 16512
[Let us sing your glory, Lord, alleluia]Keith Stent (Arranger)255113 35321 7155
[Listen to my voice, and then turn back to me]Keith Stent (Arranger)215351 12334 47523
[Lord, we've come to worship you] (Ishmael)Keith Stent (Arranger)233432 15567 1653
[Mary had a baby]Keith Stent (Arranger)111113 16155 55753
[My heart will sing to you because of your great love]Keith Stent (Arranger)151231 53427 65151
[Not my brother, nor my sister]Keith Stent (Arranger)133313 21111 12233
[O come and join the dance that all began so long ago]Keith Stent (Arranger)111134 56567 65455
[O give thanks to the Lord all you His people] (Pond)Keith Stent (Arranger)132166 51166 53216
[O God, please listen to my cry]Keith Stent (Arranger)233333 34221 71155
[O when the saints go marching in]Keith Stent (Arranger)113451 34513 45313
[Our Father, who art in heaven] (Wiener)Keith Stent (Arranger)112331 23344 71243
[Our Father, who art in heaven] (Caribbean)Keith Stent (Arranger)217611 17651 1122
[Praise the Lord on cymbals]Keith Stent (Arranger)255551 66662 25553
ASH GROVEKeith Stent (Composer)251354 31124 32175
[The King is among us]Keith Stent (Arranger)133456 53363 44432
[This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine]Keith Stent (Arranger)155553 15555 31111
[The table's set, Lord, your people gathered]Keith Stent (Arranger)217166 65133 65122
[The wise man built his house upon the rock]Keith Stent (Arranger)151112 17767 52223
[We will praise, we will praise, we will praise the Lord]Keith Stent (Arranger)255555 53346 53346
[With this bread and wine we come]Keith Stent (Arranger)234513 21615 5716
[You made the heavens]Keith Stent (Arranger)134515 11111 23323
[I'm gonna sing when the spirit says sing]Keith Stent (Composer)155511 11113 55511

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