Wilmer D. Swope

Short Name: Wilmer D. Swope
Full Name: Swope, Wilmer D., 1925-2010
Birth Year: 1925
Death Year: 2010

Born Dec. 16, 1925 in Leetonia, OH to Herman and Mabel Swope. He was a farmer and also worked at the A & P Warehouse in Salem, OH and the Buechner Residence Hall near YSU in Youngstown, OH. He served as Fairfield Township Trustee from 1970-2001. He was a member of the Midway Mennonite Church and enjoyed writing hymns and Mennonite Church history. He died in Leetonia, OH on February 1, 2010.

--See Youngstown News.

Texts by Wilmer D. Swope (15)sort descendingAsInstances
Arise, O Zion, rise and shine, Behold thy light has comeWilmer D. Swope (Alterer)1
Come, Zion's daughters, come, rejoiceWilmer D. Swope (Author)2
Extol the love of Christ, ye saintsWilmer D. Swope (Alterer)1
Foundation true, art Thou, O LordWilmer D. Swope (Author)2
Glorious kingdom of our GodWilmer D. Swope (Author)2
Gracious Lord, we wait on theeWilmer D. Swope (Author)2
Great Shepherd of the church on earthWilmer D. Swope (Author)3
In Christ is brotherhood aloneWilmer D. Swope (Author)2
My Shepherd is the Heavenly Father kindWilmer D. Swope (Author)2
O children would you cherishWilmer D. Swope (Alterer)1
O praise our great and glorious LordWilmer D. Swope (Alterer)1
Pilgrim, awake! to newborn lifeWilmer D. Swope (Author)2
Stand before the Lord with joyWilmer D. Swope (Author)2
The Lord of hosts inclines His ear to meWilmer D. Swope (Author)2
To our Father, true and kindWilmer D. Swope (Author)2
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