Tillit S. Teddlie

Tillit S. Teddlie
Short Name: Tillit S. Teddlie
Full Name: Teddlie, Tillit S., 1885-1987
Birth Year: 1885
Death Year: 1987

Tillit Sidney Teddlie was born on June 3, 1885 at Swan, Texas. He was a leader in the Churches of Christ denomination in the 20th Century. In addition to singing schools which he taught for 61 years, he also preached and taught across Texas and the southwest. For one period of time (two years) he sang only with Foy E. Wallace, Jr., (a well-known, conservative Churches of Christ preacher around World War II) while they conducted meetings across the country.

Teddlie was honored by many people in many places. On June 2, 1985, 630 churches across the land proclaimed Sunday “Tillit S. Teddlie Day” and sang his songs. Teddlie had composed 130 songs and published 14 song books. One of his song books, "Golden Harvest Hymns" included 100 of his best-known hymns. He attended a song fest in his name at the Preston Crest Church of Christ in Dallas where more than 1,200 gathered. Teddlie's 100th birthday was honored by President Reagan who sent a telegram, and Sen. Phil Graham among others. The Briar, Texas, Church of Christ gave him a bronze statue worth $6,000.

His songs published in hymnals from Churches of Christ include “Worthy Art Thou,” “Heaven Holds All to Me,” “When We Meet in Sweet Communion, “Oft We Come Together,” “Singing Redemption’s Song,” “Hear Me When I Call,” “O God of Infinite Mercy,” and many more. While Teddlie had success as a publisher of many of his own smaller hymnals, his contributions as a composer to every major hymnal published in Churches of Christ since 1921 have left an indelible imprint on the denomination’s hymnody.

Teddlie died August 17, 1987 at the age of 102. He is remembered for his preaching, teaching, and music and his good influence upon all the people that he met and worked with.

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Wikipedia Biography

Tillit Sidney Teddlie (1885–1987) was a singing school teacher, composer, publisher, and minister of the Church of Christ. Teddlie was born June 3, 1885 at Swan, Texas (Smith County), the son of Theodore and Sarah Ann (Porter) Teddlie. In 1903, he was baptized into the Church of Christ, and also taught his first singing school, which lasted for two weeks. He composed his first song in 1906. Tillit S. Teddlie married Edna Webb. They had one son, Pete Teddlie.

Texts by Tillit S. Teddlie (43)sort descendingAsInstances
After the trials of life here are o'erTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)3
All will be well when the morning dawnsTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)2
Angels are singing redemption's sweet songTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)4
Digno de la alabanza es CristoTillit Teddlie (Author)2
Draw me higher, blessed JesusTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)2
Earth holds no treasures but perish with usingTillit S. Teddlie (Author)51
Far out in the distance by faith I can seeTillit S. Teddlie (Author)2
Father, in mercy look down from aboveTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)4
Fields are bendingTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)2
From heaven there came a sinless OneT. S. T. (Author)2
How our hearts ache with grief as we say goodbyTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)11
I am glad to follow in the heavenly wayTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)2
I often have heard of the heavenly landTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)2
I'm standing now on the silent shore Tillitt S. Teddlie (Author)3
Lord, give us grace to sing praises to TheeTillit S. Teddlie (Author)2
My heart is o'erflowing with joy and peaceTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)2
O God of infinite mercyT. S. T. (Author)2
O heart bowed down in despair and griefT. S. T. (Author)2
O soul of mine, be not alarmedTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)8
O soul, why stay away from JesusTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)11
O the depth and the riches of God's saving graceTillit S. Teddlie (Author)2
Over the dark and silent riverTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)2
Oft we come togetherT. S. T. (Author)4
Oft when twilight gathersTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)4
Often I've heard of a far away countryTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)6
Sinner, why longer wander in sinTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)2
Sinners are coming to Jesus the LordTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)5
Some day you'll stand at the bar on highT. S. T. (Author)8
Soul, are you weary of life's heavy load?Tillitt S. Teddlie (Author)4
There's a homeland eternalTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)2
There's a nail pierced hand that's knocking at your doorTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)2
There's a place for me in the serviceTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)2
There's a solemn call from the voiceless deadTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)3
There's a story old that has oft been toldTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)3
There's a sunny side where no ill betideT. S. T. (Author)5
There's One who in sorrow has borne allTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)2
To the harvest fields I will gladly goT. S. T. (Author)11
What mighty power the soul could feelT. S. T. (Author)2
What rejoicing 'round the throneTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)2
When dawns the day of life's harvestTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)2
When the day seems long sing a merry songTillitt S. Teddlie (Author)2
When we meet in sweet communionT. S. T. (Author)11
Worthy of praise is Christ our RedeemerT. S. T. (Author)9

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