Lori True

Short Name: Lori True
Full Name: True, Lori, 1961-
Birth Year: 1961
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Texts by Lori True (12)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Bread, the gift of your bodyLori True (Author)3
For ev'rything there is a seasonLori True (Adapter)English2
For now is the time of fulfillmentLori True, b. 1961 (Author)4
Give us new hands, open and freeLori True (Author)4
I call out to youLori True (Author)English2
I sing with all my heartLori True (Author)English, Latin2
In my weakness I have strayedLori True, b. 1961 (Author)English3
Lord, make me know our ways, keep me on your pathLori True, b. 1961 (Alterer)3
Loving wisdom, you aloneLori True (Author)2
May the peace of Christ be with you (Ki ri su to no he i wa ga)Lori True (Author (English stanza))English, Japanese5
O Lord, you are my God, My shepherd and my lifeLori True, b. 1961 (Author)3
When painful mem'ries haunt our mindsLori True, b. 1961 (Author)2
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