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Mrs. R. N. Turner

Short Name: Mrs. R. N. Turner
Full Name: Turner, R. N., Mrs., 1857-1957
Birth Year: 1857
Death Year (est.): 1957

Fronie Bell Turner, married to Rev. R. N. Turner, pastor in the Protestant Episcopal Church.

Texts by Mrs. R. N. Turner (164)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A word there is, divineR. N. Turner (Author)2
All glory attend thee, all praises be thineR. N. Turner (Author)2
All hail, sweet day of restR. N. T. (Author)2
All hail to the Prince of lifeMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)4
Are you building your foundationMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)4
Are you weary of the fettersMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
As morning's glowing lightT. (Author)1
Awake, arise, the morn is brightMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Awake, my soul, thy sacred songMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)6
Awake to the conflict, awakeMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Before Thee, O Father, our souls would draw nearMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
Behold the mighty King rides onMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Bright the summer sun is shiningR. N. Turner (Author)2
Brighter than the sunlightR. N. Turner (Author)2
Christ is calling us to actionMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Come all who love the Lord indeedMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)5
Come and labor for the Master (Turner)Mrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Come sing to his glory exultingly singMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Dear friends and brothers allMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Dear Lord, may I comeMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Early in the morning When the glorious sunMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Every little kindly deedMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
Fair autumn sits lightlyR. N. Turner (Author)2
Forward moves the armyR. N. Turner (Author)3
Fount of life, foreverR. N. T. (Author)1
Gather up the blossomsR. N. Turner (Author)2
Go forth and work for JesusR. N. T. (Author)1
God of our fatherland, throned in thy mightMrs.R. N. Turner (Author)2
Happy day of joy, returningR. N. Turner (Author)4
Hark, the carols from the skyMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Hark, the church of Christ is callingMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Hark, we hear the tidings ringMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
Have you fallen in life's struggleMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
He calleth little children forthMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
He leadeth me, I need not fearMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Heavenly gates are opened wideR. N. T. (Author)2
Holy Comforter, draw nearMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Holy Spirit, Still descendingR. N. T. (Author)2
How blest was the life once lived upon earthR. N. Turner (Author)English15
How bright the hourMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
How firm on the hillsMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
How sweet is the hour of communionMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
How sweet is the thought of our GodMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
I hail the day of sacred joyMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)6
I know not whether in dreams of nightMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
I open wide my door belovedMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
I was a wanderer once from homeR. N. Turner (Author)2
I was wandering once afarR. N. Turner (Author)2
If we kept aloft in beautyMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
In the battlefield of life (Turner)Mrs. R. N. Turner (Author)4
In the blessed foldMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
In the early morning we will sowMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
In the hush of early morningR. N. Turner (Author)16
In the pastures green and shadyR. N. Turner (Author)2
Is there room for all the childrenR. N. Turner (Author)3
Jesus calls you to his kingdomMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
Jesus, dear and hallowed nameMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)4
Let us now with voice upliftedR. N. T. (Author)2
Lift up, my soul, thy praisesR. N. Turner (Author)7
Light of truth so brightly shiningMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Listen to the joyous ringing of the bellsMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Looking unto Jesus, as he leads the wayMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)5
Loud let our praises ringMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Love there is that passethMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
Low at thy footstoolMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
More of thee, Savior, I needR. N. Turner (Author)2
Mother, will the angels keep meMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
My heart would raise a song of praiseMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)English2
My Savior hath loved meR. N. Turner (Author)2
Now in a song of thanksgivingMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Now o'er all the glad earth breakingR. N. Turner (Author)2
Open thou mine eyes, dear LordR. N. T. (Author)2
Now with heart and voice upliftedMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
O, all is beautiful in heavenMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
O beautiful, beautiful home of the blestMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)English2
O beautiful Bethlehem, home of the LordMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
O beautiful land of our hopes!Mrs. R. N. Turner (Author)1
O come, let us singR. N. Turner (Author)2
O could I, Father, comprehendMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
O day of God, how sweetMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
O day of resurrectionMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
O Father, unto thee aloneR. N. Turner (Author)2
O God of our fathersR. N. Turner (Author)2
O God, when at thy judgment throneR. N. Turner (Author)2
O happy and glad are the days of SpringR. N. Turner (Author)2
O hark, the sweet echoesR. N. Turner (Author)2
O lift up your hearts, for he comethR. N. Turner (Author)3
O list to the songs that are swellingMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)4
O Lord of the harvestMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
O sweet is the story of oldMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
O sweet were the words of the MasterMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
O thou supreme in mightR. N. Turner (Author)2
O thou who dwelleth in the skyR. N. Turner (Author)2
O thou who in goodness createdR. N. Turner (Author)2
O wake, for the day is pallingMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)5
O wake the glad songR. N. Turner (Author)2
O wake the loud anthemR. N. Turner (Author)2
O what blessed words are theseMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
O when shall the childrenMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
O why dost thou linger so longMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)4
O, come to the Lord with rejoicingMrs. R. W. Turner (Author)2
O welcome sweet hour of devotionMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Once more the song of harvest homeMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Once more with joy and gladnessMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)5
Once more with joy assembledMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Once more, with songs of raptureFronie B. Turner (Author)English3
Only in the cross of JesusR. N. Turner (Author)2
Onward, ever onward (Turner)Mrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Our festive day returningR. N. Turner (Author)2
Our hearts look up in loveMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Our parting song of praise and loveMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Over the bridge, the mystical bridgeMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)4
Pilgrim, linger not nor stayMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Praise God on the throne of his powerMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)4
Praise to Thee, mighty OneMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)5
Rejoice in the Lord alwayMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Revive, O Lord, our waiting soulsR. N. Turner (Author)3
Ring out the glad tidings of gloryR. N. Turner (Author)2
Savior when to thee I fleeMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Send the glad tidings forthMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Sing the sweet praises of JesusMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
Soldiers of the cross, awakenMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Son of God, eternal OneMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Songs of praise awokeMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Strains of music risingMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
Sweet day of the LordMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Thanks to thee, Almighty GiverR. N. T. (Author)1
The herald is callingMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
The Lord's day dawns once moreMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
The love of Christ, so wonderful and holyMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
The loving Savior said to thoseMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
The wayside flower receives the airMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
There are thousands waiting, waiting for a message from the LordMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
There's a harvest we are gatheringR. N. Turner (Author)2
There's a voice calling from farMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
There's joy for the comfortless heartR. N. Turner (Author)2
There's victory in JesusMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
Though thy mercies over me fallMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
'Twas on that sad, eventfulMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Up to thy throne, O Father aboveMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)4
Upward, through the mists of morningMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Very early in the morn (Turner)Mrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Wake, O wake, the Bridegroom callethMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
Wake once more the song triumphantMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Wake the glad echoesR. N. Turner (Author)2
We are fighting for our freedomMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
We are gathering round the bannerMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
We are marching gladly onwardMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
We are marching, marching onwardMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)7
We are passing swiftlyMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
We are sailing on life's ocean (Turner)Mrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
We hail with all gladnessMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
We have met to sing thy praisesMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
What love hat the FatherMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
What music celestial, what melody clearMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
When God created manR. N. T. (Author)2
When I reflect on all the goodR. N. Turner (Author)2
When the Savior we love was on earthMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
When weary and worn with the conflict of lifeMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
Where flowers of joy are springingR. N. Turner (Author)2
Who is this that cometh strong in mightMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
Who is this that waitethMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)10
Who will join the noble armyMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)3
Ye who love the blessedMrs. R. N. Turner (Author)2
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