Jones Very

Short Name: Jones Very
Full Name: Very, Jones, 1813-1880
Birth Year: 1813
Death Year: 1880

Very, Jones, was born at Salem, Massachusetts, Aug. 28, 1813, his father, Jones Very, being a shipmaster. He graduated at Harvard College in 1836. He remained at his College, as tutor in Greek, for two years, and then entered the Unitarian Ministry (1843). He has been engaged in the work of a preacher without a pastorate from the first, a great part of his time being devoted to literary pursuits. In 1839 he published a volume of Essays and Poems, from which several pieces have been taken as hymns, including:—
1. Father! I wait Thy word. The sun doth stand. Waiting upon God.
2. Father, there is no change to live with Thee. Peace in the Father's Care.
3. Father! Thy wonders do not singly stand. The Spirit-Land.
4. Wilt Thou not visit me? The Divine Presence desired.
These hymns were included in Longfellow and Johnson's Unitarian Book of Hymns, 1846. In the same collection also appeared:—
5. I saw on earth another light. The Light Within.
6. The bud will soon become a flower. Sowing and Reaping.
7. Turn not from him who asks of thee. Kind Words.
In addition the following hymns appeared in Longfellow and Johnson's Hymns of the Spirit, 1864 :—
8. One saint to another I heard say,"How long?" The Future anticipated.
9. There is a world eye hath not seen. The Spirit World.
Most of these hymns are in the Lyra Sacra Americana, 1868; and in Putnam's Singers and Songs of the Liberal Faith, 1874. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Very, J., p. 1219, i. His hymn, "O heavenly gift of love divine" (Divine assistance asked), from his Poems and Essays, 1839, is given in The Pilgrim Hymnal, 1904. He d. May 8, 1880.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)


Very, Jones. (Salem, Massachusetts, August 28, 1813--May 8, 1880, Salem). He was brother of Washington Very. He graduated from Harvard College in 1836, and served as tutor in Greek there for two years. Although Julian (p. 1219) says that he entered the Unitarian ministry in 1843, he was never ordained as a settled minister though he served frequently as an occasional lay preacher. Most of his life was given to literary pursuits. In 1839 he published Essays and Poems, and thereafter was a frequent contributor in prose and verse to periodicals, including The Christian Register and the Monthly Magazine.

--Henry Wilder Foote, DNAH Archives

Texts by Jones Very (28)sort descendingAsInstances
Come suddenly, O LordJones Very (Author)2
Father, I wait thy word, The sun doth standJones Very (Author)6
Father, there is no change to live with theeJones Very (Author)20
Father, thy wonders do not singly standJones Very (Author)27
Hail, love of country, noble flameJones Very (Author)2
How come the dead we anxious askJones Very (Author)2
I gazed upon thy face, and beating lifeJones Very (Author)2
I hear again my childhood's songsJones Very (Author)2
I saw on earth another lightJones Very (Author)9
I sit within my room, and joy to findJones Very (Author)3
I would not breatheJones Very (Author)2
It is not life upon Thy gifts to liveJones Very (Author)2
O heavenly gift of love divine the spirit's grace and powerJones Very (Author)3
One saint to another I heard say, "How long?"Jones Very (Author)1
Strew all their graves with flowersJones Very (Author)11
The bubbling brook doth leapJones Very (Author)2
The bud will soon become a flowerJones Very (Author)19
The minutes have their trusts as they go byJones Very (Author)2
The sweetbriar rose has not a form more fairJones Very (Author)2
There is a world eye hath not seenJones Very (Author)1
There is no change of time and place with theeJones Very (Author)2
Thou needest not rest, the shining spheres are thineJones Very (Author)2
'Tis a new life, thoughts move not as they didJones Very (Author)2
'Tis not the copious rains aloneJones Very (Author)2
Turn not from him who asks of theeJones Very (Author)4
We go not on a pilgrimageJones Very (Author)4
When from their sight the Savior wentJones Very (Author)2
Wilt Thou not visit meJones Very (Author)14
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