George William Warren

George William Warren
Short Name: George William Warren
Full Name: Warren, George William, 1828-1902
Birth Year: 1828
Death Year: 1902

George W. Warren (b. Albany, NY, 1828; d. New York, 1902) received his general education at Racine College in Wisconsin, but as a musician he was largely self-trained. An organist in a number of Episcopal churches, he played the organ for thirty years (1870-1900) at St. Thomas Church in New York City. Warren composed anthems and liturgical service music; his hymn tunes were collected in Warren's Hymns and Tunes as Sung in St. Thomas Church (1888).

Bert Polman

Tunes by George William Warren (34)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ALL IN ALL (Warren)G. W. Warren (Composer)255451 57657 17665
QUIETUDE (Warren)Geo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)216711 32135 11727
ECCE AGNUS (Warren)Geo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc (Composer)555432 12345 64555
GOOD CHEER (Warren)Geo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)255543 21176 53333
COLUMBIA COLLEGEGeo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)611176 76512 35432
[Days grow longer, sunbeams stronger] (Warren)G. W. Warren (Composer)333551 13366 11443
[Falling, falling, softly falling] (Warren)Geo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)212321 34543 65432
[From every stormy wind that blows] (51167)G. W. Warren (Arranger)251167 15531 45653
[God is love, His mercy brightens] (Warren)Geo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)212351 23455 56154
GOLDEN HARPSGeo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)353217 65565 25321
GUIDE ME (Warren)George W. Warren, 1828-1902 (Composer)612351 76565 43323
[Herz, lass doch das Sorgen sein!]G. W. Warren (Composer)353217 12543 2345
PEACE (Warren)Geo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)232127 16532 12713
[Komm Gottes Geist, komm ew'ge Kraft]G. W. Warren (Composer)232165 13216 53321
[Land of our Hearts, upon whose bounteous breast]George William Warren (Composer)451356 53321 51355
[Let the merry Church bells ring, ring, ring, ring!]George W. Warren (1828-1902) (Composer)355551 23165 55551
[Let the song be begun] (Warren)Geo. Wiliam Warren (Composer)355122 31134 45234
LOG COLLEGEGeorge William Warren (Composer)1033261 72132 56177
[My God, I love Thee: not because]Geo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)211235 43123 52111
NATIONAL HYMNGeorge William Warren (Composer)31011234 31171 33356
EASTER MORNING (Warren)Geo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)512316 71234 51765
MILITES (Warren)Geo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)253123 35312 36635
[O Lord of life, wherever they be]G. W. Warren (Composer)355555 65355 55565
[Rejoice! the Lord is King] (Handel)G. W. Warren (Arranger)213516 51351 65523
[Rock of Ages, cleft for me] (Warren)G. W. Warren (Composer)333321 16534 23136
[Seek my soul, the narrow gate]Geo. Wm. Warren (Composer)233332 12355 55434
[Sing glory to God, our Father!] (Green, Warren)George W. Warren, 1828-1902 (Composer)2
[Sing your carols today]G. W. Warren (Composer)353512 23113 44523
VENITE ADOREMUSGeo. Wm. Warren (Arranger)253217 14322 17671
[The world itself keeps Easter Day] (Warren)G. W. Warren (Composer)255555 65555 11117
TIDINGS (Walch)George W. Warren (Composer)113455 51322 11765
GRACE (Warren)Geo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)355667 71666 77112
CALDWELL (Warren)Geo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)211115 12333 21234
[Ye sons and daughters of the King]George W. Warren (Composer)255555 51355 55557

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