George William Warren

George William Warren
Short Name: George William Warren
Full Name: Warren, George William, 1828-1902
Birth Year: 1828
Death Year: 1902

George William Warren, 1828-1902

Born: Au­gust 17, 1828, Al­ba­ny, New York.
Died: March 17, 1902, New York Ci­ty.
Buried: Al­ba­ny Rural Cemetery, Al­ba­ny, New York.

Warren at­tend­ed Ra­cine Coll­ege in Wis­con­sin, then played the or­gan at St. Peter’s Epis­co­pal Church (1846-1858) and St. Paul’s Church (1858-1860) in Al­ba­ny, New York. In 1860, he moved to New York City to be­come or­gan­ist at Ho­ly Trin­i­ty Church. After 10 years there, he be­came or­gan­ist and choir di­rect­or at St. Thom­as’ Church in New York City. No mu­sic was played at his fun­er­al, at­tend­ed by thou­sands, as the mourn­ers be­lieved they could find no fin­er or­gan­ist. War­ren’s works in­clude:

Hymns and Tunes as Sung at St. Thom­as’ Church, 1888


Tunes by George William Warren (19)sort descendingAsInstances
QUIETUDE (Warren)Geo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)2
GOOD CHEERGeo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)2
BRIDGESGeorge William Warren (Composer)2
COLUMBIA COLLEGEGeo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)3
EASTER MORNING (Warren)George William Warren (Composer)3
ECCE AGNUS (Warren)George William Warren (1828-1902) (Composer)2
GOLDEN HARPSGeo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)2
GRACE (Warren)George William Warren (Composer)3
GUIDE ME (Warren)George W. Warren, 1828-1902 (Composer)5
PEACE (Warren)Geo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)2
[Land of our Hearts, upon whose bounteous breast]George William Warren (Composer)2
LOG COLLEGEGeorge William Warren (Composer)4
[My God, I love Thee: not because]Geo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)2
NATIONAL HYMNGeorge William Warren (Composer)166
MILITESGeo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)2
RESURRECTION MORNING (Warren)George William Warren, 1828-1902 (Composer)2
[Rock of Ages, cleft for me] (Warren)G. W. Warren (Composer)2
[Touch thou, O Lord, the century's crest]George W. Warren (Composer)2
CALDWELLGeo. Wm. Warren, Mus. Doc. (Composer)2
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