J. H. Weber

Short Name: J. H. Weber
Full Name: Weber, J. H.
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Are you walking in the light of the SaviorRev. J. H. Weber (Author)8
At the cross of Christ I'll kneel and prayRev. J. H. Weber (Author)2
Blessed sunshine of the LordRev. J. H. Weber (Author)3
Can a boy forget his mother's prayerJ. H. W. (Author)33
Every day let me live like the SaviorJ. H. Weber (Author)2
God holds the future in His handJ. H. W. (Author)1
Have you a praise for JesusRev. J. H. Weber (Author)2
Have you received since ye have believedRev. J. H. Weber (Author)3
I am leaning on the arm of the SaviorJ. H. W. (Author)2
I am trusting in the promises (Weber)J. H. Weber (Author)2
I came to Jesus as I was, He took my sins awayJ. H. W. (Author)6
I sought for this blest cleansingJ. H. Weber (Author)3
I want to be like the SaviorRev. J. H. Weber (Author)2
I will tell of the Saviour of men who diedRev. J. H. Weber (Author)2
I'm kneeling at the mercy seat, And giveJ. H. Weber (Author)2
I'm kneeling at the mercy seat, I'm kneeling at the mercy seatRev. J. H. Weber (Author)1
I'm rejoicing, I'm happyRev. J. H. Weber (Author)2
In meiner Suende groester NotJ. H. Weber (Author)1
In the busy marts, in the crowded streetJ. H. Weber (Author)7
Is there a sinner waitingRev. J. H. Weber (Author)3
I've a mother in heavenRev. J. H. Weber (Author)2
I've found a glad hosannaRev. J. H. Weber (Author)5
Jesus died on Calvary (Weber)Rev. J. H. Weber (Author)3
Jesus is passing, the blind man was toldJ. H. Weber (Author)11
Lead me Savior in the wayJ. H. W. (Author)2
My stay on earth will soon be o'erRev. J. H. Weber (Author)2
Our friends have passed to the other sideRev. J. H. Weber (Author)2
Praise ye the Lord (Weber)Rev. J. H. Weber (Author)2
Seele wandelst du im Lichte der GnadeJ. H. W. (Author)2
Some day in that bright home aboveRev. J. H. Weber (Author)3
Sometime that young man said to meRev. J. H. Weber (Author)4
The light of truth is breakingRev. J. H. Weber (Author)1
The Master calls todayRev. J. H. Weber (Author)2
The Savior shed his crimson bloodRev. J. H. Weber (Author)2
The Spirit is calling and Jesus is waitingJ. H. Weber (Author)3
There is power in the blood, now, to wash your soulJ. H. W. (Author)12
We are junior reapersJ. H. Weber (Author)3
When I was young, in tender yearsJ. H. Weber (Author)2
When temptation comes upon youJ. H. Weber (Author)2
Will you exchange eternal lifeRev. J. H. Weber (Author)2
Will you go with me to the highlandsRev. J. H. Weber (Author)2
Wir sind kleine SchnitterJ. H. Weber (Author)1
Zu miener Sünde gröster NotJ. H. W. (Author)2
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