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Ernest G. Wellesley-Wesley

Ernest G. Wellesley-Wesley
Short Name: Ernest G. Wellesley-Wesley
Full Name: Wellesley-Wesley, Ernest G.

Ernest G. W. Wesley was born and educated in England. At the age of seventeen he started writing for local newspapers. When he was twenty-two he worked as special correspondent for The New York Times in Buenos Aries. While he was in Buenos Aries he became licensed to preach in the Methodist Episcopal Church. He came to the United States in the early 1870's and continued writing and contributing to religious and secular papers. He wrote between five and six hundred hymns and nearly two thousand articles on religious and theological topics.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

Texts by Ernest G. Wellesley-Wesley (75)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All my need supplied in JesusErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English3
Are clouds of deep darkness above theeE. G. Wellesley-Wesley (Author)3
Are you a temple for JesusErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
Beneath the shadows, dark and stillErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
Blessed homeland, for which my heart doth longErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English2
Blessed Savior, Lord divine, Touch this sinful heart of mineErnest G. Wesley (Author)English2
Christ died for me when far awayErnest G. Wellesley-Wesley (Author)English2
Christ the Lord cometh, perchance at the dawnRev. E. G. Wesley (Author)English11
Close beside thee standsErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
Come, Holy Spirit, source of PowerErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
Come, Holy Spirit the God of mightErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)3
Dwell deep, O my soul, in the love depths divine (Wesley)Ernest G. W. Wesley (Author)English3
Earth's Christless millions dyingErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
From death to life, from darkness into lightRev. E. G. W. Wesley (Author)English2
God calls for men of faith todayErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English2
God's words to thee are spokenErnest G. Wesley (Author)3
Have you e'er a thought once givenErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)3
He knoweth the way that is best for meErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English2
How often do I wonderErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)5
I believe Thee; I receive Thee; Long, too long, my past delayE. G. W. Wesley (Author)English4
I do love Jesus with all my heart and joy to tell (Wesley)Ernest G. W. Wesley (Author)3
I have chosen a child of God to beErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English2
I have found the place where I safe can restErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)3
I know not how such love could beRev. E. G. W. Wesley (Author)English3
I stand tonight, beside the crossErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)4
I would be like thee, more humble and meekErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
If we follow, love and serve himErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
Jesus calls me, where, I know notErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English2
Jesus came to seek His lost onesRev. Ernest G. Wesley (Author)English3
Jesus, I will follow thee (Wesley)Ernest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, through the changing waysErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
Jesus, take this heart of mineErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)4
Life is flowing through my heartErnest G. Wellesley-Wesley (Author)English2
Life is mine, yes, mine through the blood of the LambErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English4
Many the hearts who of error are wearyErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English5
Marching, marching, forward to the battle fieldErnest G. Wellesley-Wesley (Author)English2
Marching to the battle fieldErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English2
More of Jesus, more of Jesus, Would my heartErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
More wholly Thine, my LordErnest C. Wesley (Author)English2
No oil in thy lamp and the bridegroom nearEld. E. G. W. Wesley (Author)English5
No such friend has man like JesusErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
O weary one, by night distressedErnest G. Wesley (Author)English2
O what joy would be ours as we watch and prayErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English3
Oft times I sit and wonderErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
Once more we meet, O Lord before Thy throneErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
Only a little while, And then, the long, long day will endErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English3
Our evening hymn to thee, O God, we raiseErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English3
Over the rough waters now lashed by the stormErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English2
Sag' warum wanderst du weg von dem herrn?Ernest G. W. Wesley (Author)German1
Sheltered in the Rock of Ages, Save am I while Christ doth keepErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English11
Sheltered in the Rock of Ages, Sheltered in the Rock of AgesErnest G. Wellesley-Wesley (Author)English2
Since the day when Jesus found meErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
Sinners lost, but sought by JesusErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
Some day the clouds of earthly life will passErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)5
Stay thou upon JehovahErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
Still undecided, though close to life's gateErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English22
S√ľnder kam der Herr zu suchenErnest G. Wellesley-Wesley (Author)German1
Tell it again, let me hear the strange storyRev. Ernest G. Wesley (Author)English3
The day has come for sin's dethronementErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)3
The door is wide openErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English2
The Lord, our God, is King; Let earth rejoice (Wesley)E. G. W. Wesley (Author)English5
The voice of God is calling theeErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
Thou Lamb of God, thou loving LambErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
Though my feet incline to strayErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)6
Thy doors unbolt and open wideErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)3
'Tis the Lord's command, now heed itErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)5
Today earth's fields are ripe and goldenErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)3
Tonight, for thee the door stands open wideErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)3
Unchangeable art Thou, O GodErnest G. Wesley (Author)English2
Until he come for sure the master comethErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)3
Wenn einstens alle Wolken sind verwehtErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)German1
Wenn ich ihm auch treulos warErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)1
Why dost thou wander away from thy LordErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)English5
Will Jesus now save a poor sinner like meE. G. Wesley (Author)English2
Wonderful tidings the angels are tellingErnest G. W. Wesley (Author)2
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