Alma White

Alma White
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Short Name: Alma White
Full Name: White, Alma, 1862-
Birth Year: 1862
Death Year (est.): 1962

Alma Bridwell White was born in 1862 in Lewis County, Ky. She received an A.B. from Millersburg (Ky) Female College and, later, A.M. and D.D. degrees from Alma White College, which she founded. After a teaching career, White became interested in preaching after marrying the Rev. Kent White, an Methodist minister. Since women preachers were frowned upon, she started preaching on street corners and organizing revival meetings. In 1902 she organized the Pillar of Fire Church, based in Zeraphath, New Jersey, which split from Methodism and adhered to the Holiness movement. She was consecrated a bishop in 1918. She travelled with her message across the United States and into Europe. She was a powerful force, founding colleges, operating radio stations and publishing books and pamphlets. She perceived a spiritual and cultural crisis in the United States in the 1920's and embraced and promoted the Ku Klux Klan as an agent of transformation against modernism, Catholicism, immigration, alcohol, and other cultural movements during that era.

Dianne Shapiro, from Obituary (New York Times, June 27, 1946 and "Christianizing the Klan: Alma White, Branford Clarke, and the Art of Religious Intolerance" by Lynn S. Neal Church History 78:2 (June 2009), 350-378

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A beautiful city is waitingAlma White (Author)2
America, America, I love theeAlma White (Author)2
Angels bright angels to earthAlma White (Author)2
Arise, ye soldiers of the cross (White)Alma White (Author)2
Arouse ye shepherd, brave and trueAlma White (Author)2
As heroes of Christ we must comeAlma White (Author)2
Ask for the sunshine and the rainAlma White (Author)2
Awake, awake, ye sons of menAlma White (Author)2
Be merciful, O Lord, to meAlma White (Author)2
Beautiful home, beyond life'sAlma White (Author)2
Brother, listen to the SaviorAlma White (Author)2
Calvary, O blessed mountainAlma White (Author)2
Come and go to gloryAlma White (Author)2
Day is breaking o'er the hillsAlma White (Author)3
Days no more are dark and drearyAlma White (Author)2
Down by a silent riverAlma White (Author)2
From the ages Christ has comeAlma White (Author)2
From yonder pearly portalsAlma White (Author)2
Golden hours are swiftly passingAlma White (Author)2
Golden sunbeams, golden sunbeamsAlma White (Author)2
Hasten to the harvest fieldAlma White (Author)2
Help me, dear Lord, to bear the crossAlma White (Author)2
I am going to that city (White)Alma White (Author)2
I am singing in the night timeAlma White (Author)2
I am walking in the light of Jesus, day by dayAlma White (Author)2
I long have sought a place belowAlma White (Author)2
I see a city far awayAlma White (Author)2
I will meet you in the morning On that bright andAlma White (Author)2
I'm living on the border landAlma White (Author)2
I'm satisfied with Jesus, In him I now abideAlma White (Author)2
I'm waiting for the Savior's comingAlma White (Author)2
I'm walking in the sunlightAlma White (Author)2
In the vineyard of the LordAlma White (Author)1
In this dark world of sin I roamAlma White (Author)2
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, my heart doth long for theeAlma White (Author)2
Jesus, my Lord, often whispersAlma White (Author)2
Just a little blossomAlma White (Author)2
Look up O Christian soldiersAlma White (Author)2
My heart is to my Savior wedAlma White (Author)2
My heart was dismayedAlma White (Author)2
My treasures are laid up aboveAlma White (Author)2
O Christ, who died for meAlma White (Author)2
O, cruel, restless, surging seaAlma White (Author)2
O fill my heart with love divineAlma White (Author)2
O listen to the anthemsAlma White (Author)2
O Lord of hosts, in thy great nameAlma White (Author)2
O matchless love, O grace divineAlma White (Author)2
O priceless gift, O matchless loveAlma White (Author)2
O there's shelter in the RockAlma White (Author)2
O there's victory in my soulAlma White (Author)2
O troubled soul, there's rest for theeAlma White (Author)2
O wanderer, hear the Savior's voiceAlma White (Author)2
O wonderland, sweet wonderlandAlma White (Author)2
O wondrous love 'twas wondrousAlma White (Author)2
On Calvary, the Savior died (White)Alma White (Author)2
On Christ our load of sinAlma White (Author)2
On my Lord's wedding dayAlma White (Author)2
Our Lord is coming back againAlma White (Author)2
Sail on O ship of Zion sailAlma White (Author)2
Shine on, O Lord, my star of hopeAlma White (Author)2
Sing the praises of our KingAlma White (Author)2
Sinner, hear the thrilling cryAlma White (Author)2
Some day I'll see the cityAlma White (Author)2
Soon we shall see our LordAlma White (Author)2
Teach the children gospel truthAlma White (Author)2
Tell the sweet story of Jesus againAlma White (Author)2
The autumn leaves are fallingAlma White (Author)2
The blessed Lord is with meAlma White (Author)2
The blood of Jesus cleanseth meMrs. K. W. (Author)4
The Bridegroom soon is comingAlma White (Author)2
The cruel tempest raged withoutAlma White (Author)2
The day of wrath is near at handAlma White (Author)2
The footsteps of Jesus we'll followAlma White (Author)2
The joys of salvation are flowingAlma White (Author)2
The King is perfectAlma White (Author)2
The little lambs have gone astrayAlma White (Author)2
The Lord is mindful of his ownAlma White (Author)2
The power of God descendedAlma White (Author)2
The Savior seeks his wayward sheepAlma White (Author)2
The Shepherd seeks his wayward sheepAlma White (Author)2
The sky is clear above meAlma White (Author)2
The springtime birds are singingAlma White (Author)2
The stormy winds are ragingAlma White (Author)2
The strains of sweetest musicAlma White (Author)2
The wintry winds have chilled my breastAlma White (Author)2
The world has lost its charmsAlma White (Author)2
There flows from Jesus' riven sideAlma White (Author)3
There is hope, blessed hopeAlma White (Author)2
They crowned our Savior's headAlma White (Author)2
'Tis glory, glory, gloryAlma White (Author)2
To Calvary's sacred mountAlma White (Author)2
To the conflict Jesus callsAlma White (Author)2
When all was on the altar laidAlma White (Author)2
When fainting neath a heavy loadAlma White (Author)2
When Isr'l shall gather homeAlma White (Author)2
When Jesus walked in olden timeAlma White (Author)2
When my heart was heavy ladenAlma White (Author)2
When trials sore beset youAlma White (Author)2
When winter lays aside his robeAlma White (Author)2
When you grow faint and wearyAlma White (Author)2
While sitting in the twilightAlma White (Author)2
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