Mary B. Wingate

Short Name: Mary B. Wingate
Full Name: Wingate, Mary B., 1845-1933
Birth Year: 1845
Death Year: 1933 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Mary B. Wingate (47)sort descendingAsInstances
A shadow will follow us everMary B. Wingate (Author)2
Ama el Pastor sus ovejasWingate, Mary B., 1846-1933 (Author)2
Ask what thou wilt, believing heartMary B. Wingate (Author)12
Bear thy sorrows bravelyMary B. Wingate (Author)2
Catch and radiate the sunshineMrs. Mary B. Wingate (Author)4
Could we stand with saints in whiteMary B. Wingate (Author)3
Dear to the heart of the ShepherdMrs. Mary B. Wingate (Author)53
Dyra de äro för herdenMrs. Mary B. Wingate (Author)2
From the care and from the sorrowMary B. Wingate (Author)2
Go forth in the dew of the morningMary B. Wingate (Author)2
Go seek for the wanderers from GodMrs. Mary B. Wingate (Author)3
Go to God's store-house whatever you needMrs. Mary B. Wingate (Author)2
Heir of a mighty king, heir to a throneMrs. Mary B. Wingate (Author)5
How oft in the days of your childhoodMary B. Wingate (Author)2
I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail notNrs. Mary B. Wingate (Author)3
I heard it first at mother's kneeMary B. Wingate (Author)2
I sought for a golden harvestMary B. Wingate (Author)4
Into and out of our household they goMary B. Wingate (Author)2
I've wandered away from my home and the rightMary B. Wingate (Author)4
Jesus stood on the shore of the blue GalileeMary B. Wingate (Author)2
Just one glimpse of the glory waitingMrs. Mary B. Wingate (Author)9
Kind is the heart of the SaviorMrs. Mary B. Wingate (Author)2
My other lost sheep I am seekingMary B. Wingate (Author)3
My soul is sad and sinfulMary B. Wingate (Author)3
Nearer thee, my Lord and MasterMrs. Mary B. Wingate (Author)2
O pilgrim through a desert drearMary B. Wingate (Author)3
O Sun of righteousness, arise, And drive the mists awayMrs. Mary B. Wingate (Author)4
O to win a soul for Jesus (Wingate)Mary B. Wingate (Author)2
O wanderer, dost thou hearMrs. M. B. Wingate (Author)3
O bless and praise the Lord alwaysMary B. Wingate (Author)1
O joyous is the meetingMary B. Wingate (Author)2
“Peace like a river!” O Lord, can it beMrs. Mary B. Wingate (Author)2
Search the scriptures, search them dailyMary B. Wingate (Author)2
Spirit so gentle, Spirit so tenderMary B. Wingate (Author)8
The blind men to Jesus cried out by the wayMary B. Wingate (Author)4
The greatest thing on earth belowMary B. Wingate (Author)3
The Lord taketh pleasure in his peopleMary B. Wingate (Author)3
The voice of the Savior is calling callingMary B. Wingate (Author)8
There's strength for my dayMary B. Wingate (Author)3
"Trust and wait," in life's glad springtimeMary B. Wingate (Author)2
We come in the glow of the morningMary B. Wingate (Author)2
We have heard the story of the sweetest ChildMary B. Wingate (Author)1
We shall know by intuitionMary B. Wingate (Author)3
We'll win this world for JesusMrs. Mary B. Wingate (Author)2
When a soul so dear todayMary B. Wingate (Author)2
When I think of duties waitingMary B. Wingate (Author)2
When the morning light shall dawnMrs. Mary B. Wingate (Author)2

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