Miriam Therese Winter

Miriam Therese Winter
Short Name: Miriam Therese Winter
Full Name: Winter, Miriam Therese, 1938-
Birth Year: 1938

Miriam Therese (M.T.) Winter discovered the magic of words and music as a child. She wrote her first poem when she was just six and a year later began to learn the piano. Her love of music followed her when, many years later, Winter joined the Medical Mission Sisters in Philadelphia, ready to begin her dream of traveling to developing nations and providing much needed medical care. During her travels, she developed a new dream, that of spreading care and love through song rather than medicine, and she continues to transform the world.

Gloria Winter was born in Passaic, N.J., in 1938. After her high school graduation in 1955, Winter entered the Medical Mission religious community. When taking her vows, she received not only her habit, rosary, cross and veil, but also her new name: Miriam Therese. Winter went on to earn her B.A. in music from Catholic University, her Master’s degree in religious education from McMaster Divinity College, and a Ph.D. in liturgical studies from Princeton Theological Seminary. She studied Gregorian chants and soon began writing her own songs, songs that people in her own time could understand and relate to. Before long, Winter’s songs found their way into churches and hearts around the country.

Over the course of her journey, Winter discovered feminist spirituality and began to work toward the full liberation of women, believing that this liberation is essential to the liberation of all peoples. Armed with her musical compositions and her steadfast beliefs, Winter traveled to developing nations—but not to provide the medical assistance she once thought she would. Instead, she was providing people around the globe with hope through music and empowered women through her ministries. As a Medical Mission Sister, Winter has ministered to refugees in camps on the Thai-Cambodian border and to starving children in Ethiopia. She has shared her scholarship and her music with communities in Botswana, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya and India. Through workshops and lectures, prayers and songs, she addresses issues of justice and gender, peace and reconciliation, global inequality, and personal piety. In addition, she has performed her own music in concerts in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and across the United States. Since 1998, she has also ministered to women inmates at the Niantic State Correctional Institution in Niantic, Conn. Today, she is a professor of liturgy, worship, spirituality, and feminist studies at Hartford Seminary where she founded the Women’s Leadership Institute.

MT Winter has received honorary doctorates from Albertus Magnus College and St. Joseph’s College. She has been included on ASCAP's 1968 Popular Awards List and has received awards for several of her books including Woman Wisdom and Woman Witness. In 2001, she published Out of the Depths: The Story of Ludmilla Javorova, Ordained Roman Catholic Priest, which explores the calling of women to the priesthood, and in 2009 she published Paradoxology: Spirituality in a Quantum Universe.


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